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International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

ISDR Informs - Latina America and the Caribbean
Issue 3, 2001

Global ISDR
The Third Meeting of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction
United Nations, World Disaster Reduction Campaign 2001
Countering Disasters, Targeting Vulnerability
Munich-Re, Megacities: Growing loss potentials?
Disaster in the Region
ECLAC: Summary of the Damage Caused by the Earthquakes of 13 January and 13 February 2001 in El Salvador
Reflections from Bolivia: When Prevention Becomes The Top Priority
The Hurricane Season
Significance Of An Earthquake Early Warning System For Vulnerable Essential Facilities: The Example of A Potential Implementation in Costa Rica
Lack of Public Information and Educational Communication
Increases the Damage Caused by Natural Disasters
Prevention and Planning
Forest Fires in Cuba
In the Spotlight: Communities
Strengthening Local Capacity for Disaster Reduction:
The Experience of the PAHO
Strategic community management for reducing vulnerability to disasters
Program for Reducing Vulnerability to Floods and Developing Early Warning Systems in Small River Basins
Guidelines for Elaborating a Community Risk Map
Experiences In Natural And Epidemic Disaster Mitigation, Prevention
And Preparedness In Marginal Communities Of Guatemala City
Progress in the IMSS Solidarity Program in South Veracruz, Mexico
A RADIO SOAP OPERA Promoting the Culture of Prevention !
Partners in Action
PREANDINO Regional Andean Program for Risk Reduction and Disaster Prevention
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Financial Mechanisms for
Risk Management
Promoting a Culture of Disaster Prevention
The Global Earthquake Safety Initiative (GESI)
Hemispheric Plan for Environmental Management Guidance
of Road Transportation Corridors
Swiss Support for Disaster Prevention in Central America
Perspectivas para o Século XXI (en portugués)
Vulnerabilidade geológica em um parque florestal do sudeste do Brasil,
usando sistema geográfico de informação (en portugués)
Tropical Cyclone Programme
Preparedness to Climate Variability and Global Change in Small Island
Developing States, Caribbean Region (SIDS-CARIBBEAN Project)
Hemispheric Conference on Reducing the Vulnerability of Trade
Corridors to Socio-Natural Disasters
Healthy Housing for the Reconstruction of El Salvador
TAdvanced Degree in Environmental Pollution and Toxicological Assessment
Training for Disaster Reductuion
The Hemispheric Plan For Reducing The Education Sector’s Vulnerability To Disasters
Kids an Youth
Hidrometeorological Phenomena
WORKSHOP: Management of disaster information units
Disaster Information Management Meeting
Topics: Annual Review Naturla Catastrophes 2000 Munich Re Group
Virtual Library on Disaster an Health
CD-ROM: Seismic Risk: Applications for Schools

Cover photo: Maqueta de la Comunidad para identificar amenazas y vulnerabilidad
del recinto de la Independencia Cantón Daule
Cruz Roja del Guayas, Ecuador

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