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Newsletter ISDR Inform - Latin America and the Caribbean
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International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

ISDR Informs - Latin America and the Caribbean
Issue 11, 2005


Follow up to the World Conference on Disaster Reduction (WCDR)

Internal changes in staff of the ISDR secretariat
Global ISDR

2005 World Disaster Reduction awareness campaign focuses on reducing risk using microfinance tools and safety nets

News from the secretariat
New Web Page
2005 Calendar
Disasters and hazards in the Region

Over 300,000 Guayanese affected by   heavy flooding - one third are children  

Experts in meteorology from 26 countries gathered in Costa Rica
Hurricane season in 2005
Partners in Action

Workshop-Seminar for National Authorities: 

Risk assesment: the first step
Tsunami in the Colombian Pacific: A Lesson Learned Together with the Vulnerable Community of Tumaco   
Five Years after the Tragedy in Vargas (1999-2004): Social, Political, Cultural and Economic Considerations   
Integrating disaster reduction into development: overcoming the barriers
Meeting on disaster programs of the   Ministries of Health and PAHO'S Disaster Focal Points in Central America
A universal philosophy of solidarity in the event of disasters  
Caribbean Audio Soap Opera to reduce risks associated with disasters  

Regional Workshop: "Program for a Tsunami Early Warning System in Central America"

Risk management promoting groups: A strategy for incorporating civil society into national platforms for disaster risk reduction in developing countries

Let knowledge be known: some examples of socializing research and expertise in

Series: Disaster Mitigation Principles of Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities
Manual and CD-ROM Damage Assessment and Health Needs in Disaster Situations.   Training Material
Risk Management in Bolivia (brochure)   Modules in CD-ROM for virtual training on risk management Sub-program: PSAC IDA3507 BO-028328
Our city and prevention: Useful information for all to help take care of our living space through risk management
A Guide to Health Preparedness in the Event of Volcanic Eruptions
Series: "It is better to prevent..."
Riskland in Kichwa and Papiamento
Report of the Regional Meeting: Education for Risk and Disaster Reduction in Latin America
Risk Management in Complex Disasters and Emergencies  
What's GLIDE
When Winds Blow: the story of hurricane Ivan and Grenada

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