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International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

ISDR Informs - Latin America and the Caribbean
Issue 8, 2003


Towards a Safer World for All

Global ISDR
2003 World Disaster Reduction Campaign Celebrating the International Day for Disaster Reduction
The Second International Conference on Early Warning (EWC-II)
The 2003 UN Sasakawa Ceremony Bonn, Germany 16 October 2003
On-line conference on Disaster Risk Reduction Framework
News from ISDR Secretariat
The Cross-cutting Theme Initiative: Reduction of Natural Disaster in Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean
Bolivia-Peru New challenges for vulnerability reduction
Venezuela Mechanisms for Formulating Risk Prevention and Mitigation Programs: Local Management of the Caracas Metropolitan Area
Climate Perspectives in Central America for the period between December 2003 and March 2004
Partners in Action
El Salvador-Villa Centenario PAHO project: recovering after a tragedy
Multinational Andean Project: Geoscience for Andean Communities Strengthening Geoscience Knowledge in Communities
Bolivia- Peru-Experiences in Bolivia and Peru for Strengthening Local Capacities In Response to the "El Niņo" Phenomenon
Costa Rica studies its adaptability to climate change
Disaster Preparedness in LAC: A Regional Strategy of UNICEF
Uruguay: A Project for Preventing and Mitigating Atmospheric and Climate-Related Emergencies
SUMA: A Humanitarian Supply Management System
PAHO/WHO: Experts study making hospitals safe from disasters
FEMICA: 10th Meeting of the Central American Network for Decentralization and Municipal Strengthening
Bolivia-A New Perspective for Local Risk Management in the Municipality of La Paz
CEPREDENAC: Ten years vouching for disaster prevention

Chile ONEMI achieves major educational and integral goals in the field of civil protection

Cuba Education on Disasters: Training of Civil Engineers and Integral Risk Management in Seismic Areas.
Peru: A University Consortium will be established with four Universities to Offer Specialized and Graduate Studies on Disaster Prevention
The use of Internet for disaster prevention Is the Internet a panacea?
2003 Catalogue Publications and information resources on emergencies and disasters Pan-American Health Organization Regional Office of the World Health Organization
Principles of the National Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Response System
Public Health Response to Biological and Chemical Weapons WHO Guidance SECOND EDITION
Solid Waste Management in Disaster Situations
A New Radio Drama Series: "Tremors of the Heart"

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