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Newsletter ISDR Inform - Latin America and the Caribbean
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International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

ISDR Informs - Latin America and the Caribbean
Issue 13, 2006


Disaster risk reduction begins at school


Creative Education: A Priority for a New Generation

Global ISDR

2006-2007 World Disaster Reduction Campaign

Towards a stronger ISDR System
Disasters and hazards in the Region
Hurricane Season in the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico – 2006

Disaster risk reduction: A call to action

Impact of Natural Disasters on Housing in an Intermediate Colombian City
Partners in Action
People centered early warning systems as a critical component of disaster reduction
Organization of American States (OAS) Natural hazards and climate change adaptation: programmatic overview
Municipal Disaster Information System for Latin American and the Caribbean
Rough season
Municipalities and Risk Management: A Process Model in Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina
Organization of American States (OAS) The Inter-American Disaster Mitigation Network
National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Response (CNE)
and CANARA signed a new agreement Costa Rican Radio: The Official Medium in Times of Emergency

The water sector recognizes risk management is a key element

The Journalism Award for Risk Mitigation of the Central University of Venezuela
Organization of American States (OAS) Workshop on Natural Hazard Risk Management First Inter-American Meeting of Ministers and High-Level Authorities on Sustainable Development

Plan International Preparing for Better Risk and Hazard Management

Guatemala has a new communication kit to promote disaster risk management in its communities and municipalities

School Retrofitting Program in Central America (PRECA)
Degree in Sustainable IrrigationManagement to Prevent Drought
Education and new tchnology for earthquake prevention
Disaster Education
School Networks Manage Risks in Ancash, Peru
School Services in support of Disaster Prevention and Response
Northern Catholic University of Chile: Education as a Tool for Disaster Reduction
Peace Education for Disaster Risk Reduction : The Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA)

Information center’s user and the new age of knowledge management

Sustainable Local Development as a Factor in Disaster Risk Reduction: Focus and Activities of the Delnet Program, International Training Center/ILO
Myths and Realities of Natural Disasters
PAHO/WHO Publications on Disaster Preparedness
The challenge of disaster reduction for the water and sanitation sector: Improving quality of life by reducing vulnerabilities
See how I tremble
¡ Alerta SISMO! [Earthquake ALERT!] - Family Emergency Plan
Information Resources on the Avian Flu

Collection of Educational Modules Risk Management

Tsunami 18 months after
Biblio-des Risk Management Education at the Community Lavel

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