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Newsletter for Latin America and the Caribbean        Inssue No. 15, 1999
The Decade is over and the new Millennium is just beginning…Next step will be the joint implementation of an International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Global IDNDR
International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR),
A Safer World in the 21st Century: Risk and Disaster Reduction, July 1999
Overview of the results of the 1999 IDNDR Programme Forum, 5-9 July 1999, Geneva
1999 World Campaign, Prevention Pays
Some Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean
UN-Sasakawa Disaster Prevention Award
Vulnerability reduction: achievements of a decade and new challenges for the next century from a social and health perspective
¿Is health infrastructure less vulnerable?
SUMA, A decade for greater transparency in humanitarian aid
Mexico’s international technical cooperation in natural disaster prevention
Argentina, an Experience in Local Community Participation
Disaster in the Region
Is the impact of disasters increasing or decreasing?
Popocatepetl and Colima Volcanoes active, Mexico
The 1999 hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin
ECLAC’s assessment methodology on the socio-economic impact of disasters
Volcanic eruptions in Ecuador
Montserrat Volcanic Observatory
Partners in Action
International IDNDR Symposium on The RADIUS Initiative for Safer Cities
in the Face of Earthquakes
The El Niño Phenomenon (ENSO), a Proposal from Ecuador
Central American Summit, Cities for the People
Symposium on Flood Forecasting in the Americas
São Carlos Civil Defense implements a Meteorological Control System
Chile: Vulnerabilities In Connection with Disasters: A New Approach for a New Millennium
People helping people: strengthening Central American local authorities’
capacity for disaster prevention
XX Summit of Heads of Government of Central America, the
Dominican Republic and Belize
Natural disaster prevention in the Paute River Basin, Ecuador
Red R
Preparedness: Consolidating disaster awareness in the Caribbean
Formal education in Risk Management
Hemispheric Action Plan for Disaster Vulnerability Reduction in the
Education Sector
Mendoza, Argentina – Training of Specialized Human Resources,
National University of Cuyo
Costa Rica – National Education Plan for Risk and Disaster Reduction,
Ministry of Public Education
Merida, Venezuela – Towards the Professionalization of Disaster and
Emergency Management
Legislation for Disaster Prevention
Costa Rica, National Emergency Law
Nicaragua, Bill for the Creation of a National Disaster Prevention,
Mitigation and Response System
CRID, Regional Disaster Information Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean
The Caribbean: Caribbean Disaster Information Network (CARDIN)
BIBLIODES – Prevention Pays
PAHO/WHO Publications
Mental Health for Disaster Victims Manual for Workers Guide for Instructors Raquel Cohen PAHO/WHO
Disaster Chronicles Cariaco Earthquake, Venezuela
Disaster Chronicles Hurricanes Georges and Mitch
Humanitarian Assistance In Disaster Situations: Guide For Effective Aid
Five Practical Guides for Disaster Situations Urban Risk Mitigation Project, Nicaragua (MIRUN/GTZ)
Currents of change: The impact of El Niño on weather and society
Disaster-related documents: the Documentation Unit of the National Disaster Prevention Centre (CENAPRED), Mexico City

Where Is Disaster Reduction Headed in the Americas?
San José, Costa Rica, 1-5 June 1999

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Editor: Helena Molin Valdés
General Production: Margarita Villalobos M.
Graphic Design: Mario Barrantes
Translation: Hermann Steffen
Photographs: H. Molin, M. Villalobos, Jaime Valdés A., FOSOVI Honduras.
Cover photo: Pedro Basabe, the Tungurahua Volcanoe in Ecuador is threatening the capital, Quito, in October 1999

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