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Training and Capacity Building: Changing Mindsets

Global ISDR

Knowledge is POWER

Cooperation agreement
This is how the 2006-2007 campaign is being observed in the Americas

Disasters in the Region

Hurricane Season 2007


The Lisbon earthquake of November 1, 1755: The first “modern” disaster?
Risk management: A development issue
Social communication in risk management:
Concepts to be remembered and applied

Partners in action

Learning to prevent disasters – A local adaptation for Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina

Knowledge fairs in the Caribbean: “Reducing disasters through community preparedness”

BiVa-PaD: An Andean Initiative to Manage Disaster Prevention and Response Information

Central American Probabilistic Risk Assessment (CAPRA):
Developing a Tool to Assess the Probability of Disaster Risk in Central America

Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Municipal Integrated Risk Management for Disaster Vulnerability Reduction

The Paradoxes of the Pilot

The sinkhole in San Antonio: A misunderstood early warning
Workshop on Disaster Risk Financing Strategies

Workshop: Capacity Building for Post-Disaster Recovery in Central America and the Caribbean

Meeting on Climate-Related Variability, Change, Risk, and Management
Workshop: Foundations for Strengthening the Municipal Information System for Disaster Prevention in Latin America and the Caribbean

Implementing a Project for Preparedness and Risk Reduction during a Volcanic Warning Phase

Risk Reduction in Andean Capital Cities: A horizontal regional cooperation effort
Ancestral Bio-Indicators in Andean Highland Regions: Disaster warning and resilience mechanisms


Risk Management Actions in Peru’s Educational System
Understanding Disasters from a Child’s Perspective Antofagasta, Chile


Disaster Legislation: Toward a legal framework in the Americas

Delnet Supplement

International Training Center of the ILO
Specialization in Disaster Risk Reduction in the context of Local Sustainable Development
Local Development and Risk Reduction: Toward safer and more sustainable cities and societies

The Red Cross Movement arrived in Costa Rica in 1885

The Planning and Programming Secretariat – SEGEPLAN–
The Center for Environmental Services in Matanzas (CSAM)
Specialization in Disaster Risk Reduction in the Context of Local Sustainable Development: An Innovative Experience

Citizen Participation and Disaster Reduction:
Communities working towards the new challenges of local development

Post-Disaster Recovery Processes: Gaps and Challenges
Training as a Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and as Part of Local Sustainable Development Processes
The Papyrus Foundation
The Colombian Red Cross
Haiti’s Civil Protection Office
Risk Management: A new contribution to local development in the Municipality of Torres, Venezuela
Colombia’s Southwest Seismological Observatory (OSSO), University of El Valle: Twenty years of research, development, and partnerships for risk reduction in Colombia 1987 – 2007
Disaster Risk Reduction in Venezuela: From Vargas to a Comprehensive Risk Management Bill
The Nasa Community and Renewed Volcanic Activity at the Nevado del Huila Volcano, Tierradentro Páez Region, Cauca, Colombia


The Latest at CRID…

OXFAM Publications
Catalog of Tools for Municipal Risk Reduction Management and Emergency Preparedness in Andean Capital Cities
Virtual Health Library for Disaster 2007 Version
“Strenthening of local risk and disaster management in the education sector in Central America”
Tools and lessons learned in Central America
PAHO/WHO’s New Video on Safe Hospitals
Transferring knowledge in the Caribbean: Systematizing experiences and good practices in disaster preparedness, local risk management and climate change adaptation

An upcoming risk and disaster knowledge management network titled RedDesastres
… A virtual space where you will find experiences and practices of risk and disaster reduction …

Compilation of health and disaster regulations and standards in Latin America

Information packet



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