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Updating the Controlled Vocabulary on Disasters (VCD)

In the context of the project titled “Creation of Information Centers for Disaster Prevention and Response in the Andean Region — BiVa-PaD Network”, the Controlled Vocabulary on Disasters (VCD for its Spanish initials) is currently being reviewed. VCD is a tool for analyzing bibliographical information, and can also be used as a reference document for disaster terminology. The current update of this document aims to review terms currently used and add new vocabulary to facilitate access to and retrieval of risk management information.

BiVa-PaD is financed by the Project to Support Disaster Prevention in the Andean Community (PREDECAN), and benefits from the technical and financial support of the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) and UN/ISDR secretariat.

If you are interested in helping us update the VCD document, please send your contributions to the following e-mail address:

Photo: Plan Paraguay/Luis Vera

The beginning of the 2007 hurricane season

This special section of the CRID website will help you keep abreast of the 2007 hurricane season. In this section, you will find a number of interesting documents that include prevention measures, emergency and evacuation plans, health care, and other related issues.

For further information, please visit:

The launching of a new website of the Central American Network for Disaster and Health Information (CANDHI)

The CANDHI Network website was launched last May (, with the support of the National Library of Medicine in Washington, USA, UN/ISDR secretariat and PAHO/WHO. The site is intended to become a platform for collaboration and the exchange of experiences among Central American Disaster and Health Information Centers, and for the promotion and dissemination of the services and products provided by the CANDHI Network.

Climate Change Information Resources

In order to address current issues, CRID, with the support of the UN/ISDR and PAHO/WHO, is working to develop specialized information resources that address climate change, an issue of utmost importance among our users.

A thematic CD and a section in our website are the main resources that will be available to beneficiaries, to assist in the search for information related to this issue.