International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Latin America and the Caribbean   

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International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

ISDR Informs - Latin America and the Caribbean
Issue 7, 2003


Living with Risk: Turning the tide of disasters towards sustainable development

Global ISDR
2003 World Disaster Reduction Campaign
News from ISDR Secretariat
The World’s meteorological priorities
Desasters in the Region
Argentina: Flooding in Santa Fe
Flooding in Santa Fe, Argentina, 2003 Document prepared by ECLAC, in collaboration with the United Nations System in Argentina
ECLAC: Impact Assessment of the Earthquake of Colima, Mexico
In the Spotlight
The lack of fresh water: Main distress during a disaster
Danger in the Caribbean:The region faces the most severe hurricane cycle since the first half of the 20th Century
Wildfires, the biggest cause of environment degradation in the Central American isthmus, fought with mixed results
Implementation of the National Training and Development Plan for SINAPRED,Nicaragua
Partners in Action
Hemispheric consultation on early warning
Argentina’s Safer Hospitals: Let’s Act Now
Nicaragua Municipal-level Disaster preparedness and response for the fhealth sector : emergency plans
Scientists find volcanic craters off Grenada
Costa Rica: Hurricanes, the focus of a Red Cross seminar, training activity for facilitators on a topical radio drama
Corta Rica Workshops succeed in testing user by facilitators of radio drama for comminity disaster mitigation
El Salvador is awarded second price of the 2001 World Disaster Reduction Campaign “Countering Disasters, Targeting Vulnerability”
Remembering Hurricane Mitch: 5 years later
Brazil Environmental disasters in the new Brazilian poles of urban development: challenges for Civil Defence
Chile develops comprehensive school safety program including an interactive
Kids and Youth


Digitalization and Access to Information about Disasters
Report on the workshop “Human Settlements” is now available
Practical Advice on Disaster Prevention: An Ounce of Prevention
The Final Report of “Human Settlements” is now available
Best Practices for Disaster Prevention and Risk Management Disseminated
Disasters and Emergencies: Prevention, Preparedness and Mitigation
CAMI web site now available