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Novenber 25th to 28th , 2003 - Havana International Conference Center, CUBA

The National Staff of the Civil Defense, along with national and international organisms and institutions, is immersed in the organization and preparation of the 6th International Conference on Disasters, to be held from November 25th to28th, 2003 in Havana City, Cuba.

The Congress fundamental aim is to gather officials, specialists, professionals and scientists from all over the world who are devoted to the protection of mankind and its goods, the economy and the environment from the destructive effects of the potentially catastrophic phenomena, in order to exchange knowledge, results, experiences and perspectives on the reduction of risks, as well as to foster bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs and projects in this sphere.

Main topics

  1. Natural disasters of diverse origins, such as tropical cyclones, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, landslides, and others.
  2. Technological disasters caused by hydrocarbon vessels, chemical and toxic substances leak, and other chemical and radiology accidents, urban, industrial and rural fires of big proportions, big accidents of transportation and others.
  3. Disasters caused by big epidemics in humans plagues, and plant and animal diseases.

These general topics will be dealt with aspects related to studies, evaluations, and analysis of danger, vulnerability and risk, and prevention elements(mitigation)preparedness, response and recovering, as well as the scientific and technological development for the reduction of disasters and the cooperation and assistance to the cases.

The 6th International Congress on Disasters will have a permanent web site or information related to it in the following web site: