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Caribbean Risk Management Network
The Havana Initiative

Taking into consideration the important role that many regional and international institutions play in the promotion of risk management in this region, UNDP, in collaboration with the International Development Bank (IDB) and other institutions, launched the Risk Management Network, in Havana in 2001.

This network was established to strengthen the capacity of the Caribbean insular region, Belize, Guyana and Suriname, to incorporate risk management into regional development strategies and programs.

Although this network is designed to advance cooperation in the Caribbean insular region, it also intends to make contributions at local and national levels. Along these lines, its main goals are the promotion of capacity building, the strengthening of relevant national projects and, through complementary measures, the implementation of regional initiatives such as CPACC, CEDERA, and similar projects in the field of risk management.

This initiative developed a database of institutions and organizations, with the purpose of facilitating communication and exchange of information among national and regional institutions devoted to address risk and disaster-related issues in the Caribbean.

This database was developed based on the information gathered from public sources and a number of other institutions, which were contacted directly. Through this means, users will be able to access contact and other relevant information of more than 80 organizations.