FUNDACRID and UNICEF signed a cooperation agreement to develop an online portal specializing in education and risk management



The Foundation for the Coordination of Information Resources for Disaster Prevention (FUNDACRID) recently signed an agreement with UNICEF to develop an online portal that will include specialized information resources on education and risk management. The portal will allow users, in particular government officials, teachers, technical staff, and cooperation agencies dealing with risk reduction in the education sector, to access these relevant materials.

The agreement also includes the development of a practical guide with tools and information resources on preparedness in the education sector. The guide will be one of the outcomes of a project funded by DIPECHO and implemented by CRID since last November.

The cooperation agreement represents a new space for CRID to establish links with other actors that, jointly with UNICEF, take actions in the fields of education and risk management. In addition, the agreement will help CRID achieve greater thematic specialization in one of the most relevant fields, risk management, and improve its products and services intended for government officials, teachers, technical staff and cooperation agencies dealing with risk reduction in the education sector.

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Source: Actualidad CRID, August 2009