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Strategic Planning: A Key Tool for Developing Our Communities

Global ISDR

Urban Risk Platform in LAC: An initiative from, for and by cities in the region to contribute to their safe, sustainable development

2008-2009 World Disaster Reduction Campaign Hospitals Safe From Disasters: Reduce Risk, Protect Health Facilities, Save Lives
Greater Caribbean adopts HFA priorities into Plan of Action
The HFA Monitor
The HFA-Pedia

Disasters in the Region

On June 1, the Hurricane Season in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico officially began


The Quest for a Culture of Seismic Prevention Based on Building Life Skills
Economic Development and Environmental Protection Thoughts from a law perspective
Discovering the “Inter-cross-multi-discipline” of Disaster Risk Management
Towards Disaster Risk Reduction in Central America
Towards a “Citizen Effort” For the Mitigation of Underlying Risk Factors
Hospital Safety is Everyone’s Job
Perceptions of Risk

Partners in Action

Strategic planning for integrated risk reduction in the Municipality of Páez, Cauca, Colombia, in the context of sustainable local development and in response to the reactivation of the Nevado del Huila volcano: A perspective of the Nasa indigenous people

Building Paradigms for Recovery:
A Contribution to the Reconstruction Process in Southern Peru

An International Meeting on Climate Change Adaptation and Integrated Risk Management at the Local Level
A Communication Strategy in Junín, Mendoza, Argentina

The Knowledge Fair in El Salvador: “Reducing Disasters and Adapting to Climate Change

The Second International Seminar on Risks Brings International Attention to Falcón

More than 1.5 million people informed through an earthquake preparedness campaign titled “Bogotá on Solid Ground”

Mitigation of volcanic risks in the district of Alto Selva Alegre
Solidaridad Internacional in Northern Chinandega – Nicaragua

Regional project: “Increased impact: Harmonizing materials, methods and tools for community-based and institutional disaster management”

CAPRA Workshop 2008
Stop the rain from falling!

Building communities more resilient to disasters in Guatemala

The Ubinas volcano hazard map: advances in disseminating geoscience information in Peru
A summer camp titled “Preparedness Saves Lives”
Riskland: A fun way to learn how to prevent disasters
Disaster Risk Management Education in Central America: Historical Reference Information
Community-Based Methodologies for Risk Identification and Education:
An Opportunity for Risk Management and Local Development

Informative Bulletin

“Disaster Risk Reduction begins in School” Awareness Campaign and Art Contest
DIPECHO PROJECT “Local Risk and Disaster Management Strengthening in the Education Sector in Central America”
Strategic Framework for Education on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Portuguese Supplement

Proposta de ação para o desenvolvimento de uma cultura prevencionista na Cidade de Canoas – RS
“Percepção de Risco, a Descoberta de um Novo Olhar”
Projeto Educativo para Cultura de Prevenção de Desastres



Disaster Risk Management Today: Global Context, Local Tools
PreventionWeb – a global information platform on Disaster Risk Reduction
Cuba: Paradigm of disaster risk reduction
A new publication of the international research center on el niño phenomenon to commemorate its fifth anniversary
Disaster Prevention Module
Characteristics of a disaster resilient community
Online Historical Earthquake Catalogue in Venezuela

A new kit for disaster risk reduction


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