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The Journalism Award for
Risk Mitigation of the Central University of Venezuela

The Commission for Risk Mitigation of the Central University of Venezuela (COMIR-UVC) has been promoting a number of internal and external initiatives in order to incorporate the reduction of disaster vulnerability as a value added to its academic program and internal operations. In keeping with its role of contributing to the quality of life and greater development of the country, the University Council created the UCV Journalism Award for Socio-Natural Disaster Risk Mitigation. The main purpose of this award is to recognize, on an annual basis, the contribution of social communicators in incorporating disaster prevention into Venezuela’s national culture.

Due to the quality of their writing, originality in their research, depth of information, educational content, and ethical values in highlighting the social importance of risk mitigation, the following journalists were recognized: David Gonzales and Moraima Guanipa received the award for print news; Teresa Quilez received a special mention; and Celina Pedroza and the team from the UCV’s Information and Communications Department received special recognition in the radio and television categories.

The selection committee included Professor Adolfo Herrera, Director of the UCV’s School of Social Communication; Humberto Luque from the UCV’s Information and Communications Department; Mercedes Marrero, Coordinator of the Commission for Risk Mitigation (COMIR); and Pedro Grijalva, from the Caracas University College. The selection committee decided to add the following categories next year: institutional and advertising campaigns, film, photography, graduate theses, research, graphic design, and new technologies. Source: NOTISAR and UCV

For further information, please contact:
Enrique Alberto Martín Cuervo
Humboldt Rescue Organization
Caracas, Venezuela.