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Latin American Communicators:
Towards a New Management of Communication Means

In Latin America, various organizations that deal with risk management and disaster response have made progress in addressing an issue that has long been their own concern and objective: communication.

In different countries, to a greater or lesser degree at local, regional and even international levels, activities are being developed to pursue objectives taken from both official and private agendas, such as the inclusion of communication and communicators in plans and programs designed in this field.

Along these lines, and with an understanding of the real and critical importance of communication means, especially in risk management, as well as its social influence in emergency or disaster situations, the Network of Latin American Communicators for Risk and Disaster Management [Red de Comunicadores Latinoamericanos para la Gestión de Riesgos y Desastres] was created, based in Tucuman, in northern Argentina.

Initially comprised of communicators from Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico, the network now adds new members weekly from all over the Americas. Its members respond to the invitation to join in an effort for raising awareness among social communication professionals and technicians, and for supporting the work of various public and private organizations in each country, mainly in the areas of prevention, mitigation, and response.

The Network includes journalists, TV and radio announcers, and people who work in social communication departments of official organizations, private institutions, and NGOs.

One of the network’s main goals is to bring its members together through a website and provide them with access to on-line training, informational material, and relevant articles written by members and other international consultants.

Links throughout the Network

In order to facilitate their work through the use of this website, members will have access to a permanent resource related to risk, disaster, and communications management, and will be able to coordinate activities with other members and consultants from different disciplines, committed to the dissemination of information on risk management.

The network hopes that this new space be used to connect professionals in the area in a direct and permanent manner, through an ongoing forum for the exchange of experiences and group discussions.

It will be very important to continue adding facts to the information already gathered, in order to establish a data bank with information about all social projects related to risk and disaster management, presented via radio, television, or newspapers throughout Latin America. Those who participate in or have knowledge of such activities are invited to submit information to the following email address:

The network is working to compile information about communication projects included in plans and programs in this field, at both private and official levels. In addition, the network is currently working with colleagues who specialize in graphics and television in order to add a photo gallery and a video area (testimonial, reference, and historical videos) to the website, including personal and professional contributions from all across the Americas, and in some cases, colleagues from other latitudes who could also support our activities.

In order to facilitate professional and technical development, the Network of Communicators will establish a permanent exchange with various national and international organizations that represent valuable sources of information and training. This will include a listing of national and regional bodies, classified in accordance with their goals and objectives

Community-Oriented Communicators

One of the goals of Silvia Diaz , founding member of the Network of Latin American Communicators, is to continue to produce reference materials, guidelines for community leaders, and other communication programs with a component of social participation for vulnerable sectors. In this manner, communicators will support the efforts made by official agencies and other groups working with communities at risk.

With the contribution of professional teams of communicators, the network will promote communication projects aimed at developing skills and abilities in various communities, and strengthening the broadcasting of programs towards a culture of prevention.

Training of Future Communicators

The network’s website will serve as a well-defined tool for students of social communication and similar disciplines. The coordinators of this new network are convinced that there exists the need and importance of devoting more efforts to train future communication professionals, with an understanding of risk and disaster management, and the role of both social communicators and the media in disseminating information during disaster responses or the subsequent recovery stages.

The network invites colleagues from official and private institutions to join by sending their contact information and a brief description of their personal and professional background to be included in the database.

For those who wish to share information on relevant programs, plans and projects, please submit it to the email address below.

Silvia Diaz
Coordinator, Network of Communicators (Red de Comunicadores)

1-Silvia Diaz is from Argentina. She is a social communicator, as well as a communication specialist in the field of risk and disaster management, disaster risk manager and university professor