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CD-ROM Building Codes, Winds and Earthquakes ACS-AEC

Recognising the need for each country susceptible to disasters to have appropriate construction standards, the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), with financial assistance from the Government of Italy, through its Trust Fund managed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and from STIRANA (Disaster Preparedness Agency of the Netherlands Antilles), has embarked on a project aiming at “Updating Building Codes of the Greater Caribbean for Winds and Earthquakes” and thereby reducing the vulnerability to natural disasters. This initiative is consistent with the goal of the ACS Special Committee on Natural Disasters to reduce risks and losses caused by natural disasters in ACS Members Countries.

The present CD-ROM comprises an evaluation of existing building codes in ACS Member Countries and two model building codes:

• A Model Building Code for Earthquakes
• A model Building Code for Wind Loads

These would enable ACS Member Countries to endow themselves with new appropriate codes for earthquakes and wind loads or improve/update the existing ones.

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