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Argentina: University of El Salvador A New Research Institute for Risk Management, Disasters and Complex Emergencies.

The Research Institute for Risk Management, Disasters and Complex Emergencies was created at the School of Philosophy, History and Humanities of the University of El Salvador, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Under the management of its Academic Coordinator, Mr. Julio J. Bardi, a first group of researchers specializing in various areas was constituted. Among the reasons for creating this institute, it is worth mentioning the importance of training human resources to foster a culture of disaster prevention and reduction towards the attainment of sustainable development.

Along these lines, the University of El Salvador identified the need to create a space to promote studies related to risk management related to both prevention and assistance in case of disasters and/or complex emergencies.

It was also borne in mind that it is imperative to teach society how to “live with risk”, as stressed by the 2003 Campaign undertaken by the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

The School of Philosophy, History and Humanities has been developing, in an effective manner, courses, seminars and workshops on risk and disaster management, with multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder and inter-institutional participation from both the public and private sectors, as well as with civil society representatives.

The Research Institute began activities on March 11, and it is located at Rodriguez Peña 670, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The University of El Salvador has already signed agreements with OFDA/LAC (2000) and the Payson Center of Tulane University, (2002). To date, these two institutions have supported their academic activities and have provided valuable technical and professional assistance.

For further information, please contact:
School of Philosophy, History and Literatura (Letras), University of El Salvador: – Rodriguez Peña 670 – piso 1º - Buenos Aires – Argentina, or its director, Mr. Julio Juan Bardi: – 25 de Mayo 347 – piso 3º - of. 336 – Buenos Aires – Argentina