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News from the ISDR Secretariat

Increased cooperation between the ISDR Secretariat and UNDP, and with OCHA

The ISDR Secretariat and the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) of UNDP have signed an agreement defining a framework for cooperation in the area of disaster reduction at all levels. The agreement, based on the distribution of competencies and mandates as related to the ongoing UN reform, identifies areas in which UNDP/BCPR and the ISDR Secretariat will cooperate by carrying out joint initiatives. One aspect of the agreement establishes the joint production of periodic reports on disaster reduction.

A similar framework agreement for joint activities has also recently been signed between the ISDR Secretariat and OCHA.

Second ISDR Support Group meeting

The second meeting of the ISDR Support Group was held on Tuesday 24 September 2002 in Geneva at the initiative of the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC). The meeting was chaired by Mr. Toni Frisch, Head of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Agency, and by Mr. Kenzo Oshima, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs. 15 countries were brought together, with the representation of the European Commission in Geneva.

The group provided ideas on how to improve the outreach and work of the ISDR Secretariat worldwide for concrete results in disaster reduction.

The achievements and priorities reported as part of ISDR’s strategic workplan for 2002-2003 were well received. Specific tribute was paid to the increased cooperation and repartition of tasks between the ISDR Secretariat and other UN agencies and programmes working in the field of risk management. The Meeting welcomed, in particular, the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between the ISDR Secretariat and UNDP (please see relevant section) as well as the presence of the new Director of the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (UNDP/BCPR) Mr. Georg Charpentier at the meeting.

57th United Nations General Assembly, New York

The ISDR was discussed in the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly on 21 October 2002 in New York. The report of the Secretary-General on the implementation of ISDR (A/57/190) and the Secretary-General’s report on international cooperation to reduce the impact of the El Niño Phenomenon (A/57/189) were presented by the Director of the ISDR Secretariat. The reports provide an in-depth analysis of disaster reduction in the international system at present and make recommendations for its strengthening in the future. The further consolidation of the ISDR programme as part of the ongoing UN reform and the provision of increased financial resources to the ISDR Trust Fund are some of recommendations of the reports.

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