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Ghosts of the Hurricane
Video from Honduras
(only available in Spanish)

A film in which the friendship between an innocent little boy and an idealistic old man helps them to banish the ghosts that haunt them since the death of their loved ones in a hurricane—although not the same hurricane.

Simon is the boy. After losing his family during Hurricane Mitch, he is exploited by Pedro, a harsh man who works in a shelter. Simon has to carry loads on his back to the market, and it is there that he meets Don Mario.

Don Mario, who promotes soil conservation in his town, Santa Lucía, also lost his family during another hurricane, Fifi. That is the starting point for their friendship, based on their desire not to let yet another such disaster have the same tragic consequences for anyone else.

The film lasts 45 minutes. Shot in Betacam SP, it was directed by Elizabeth Figueroa and produced by the Center for Training Resources of the National Autonomous University of Honduras between September and November 2000.

For more information or to obtain a copy, please contact:
Patricia Hernández, Director
Centro de Recursos de Aprendizaje,
Universidad Autonoma de Honduras
Fax: (504)2322204