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Newsletter for Latin America and the Caribbean        Inssue No. 14, 1999

Chronicle of a Decade

The IDNDR Programme and Set-up

The elements of natural disaster reduction adopted by IDNDR

Understanding the risk concept

The World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction- Yokohama 1994

Promoting a Disaster Prevention Culture
The future of disaster reduction
Global IDNDR
IDNDR PROGRAMME FORUM 5 – 9 de july, 1999
In the Spotlight
World Campaign 1999 "Prevention Pays"

Ricardo Cícero
National Center for Disaster Prevention
Coordination of Information


Does prevention pay?
Winners of the Photo Contest
1998 Campaign: "Prevention Begins with Information"
Disaster Reduction in Development after the IDNDR
Stephen O. Bender
Unit for Sustainable Development and Environment
Organization of American States
Disaster in the Region

Natural Disasters and their Impact on the Region in 1998
ECLAC Notes, March 1999. Full text available at:

Evaluating the response and preparedness for Hurricane George and Mitch
In the Wake of Hurricane Mitch, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Come Together to Cooperate in Disaster Prevention
Severe Hurricane Season Forecast For Atlantic Basin 1999
The Colombian Earthquake of January 1999: Lessons for Seismic
Disaster Prevention and Response

Omar D. Cardona A.
Partners in Action
Conclusions and recommendations of the Third International Forum of Local Governments Against Disasters and Emergencies
Viña del Mar, Chile, 30 November – 3 December 1998
CEPREDENAC Celebrates Its Tenth Birthday 6-8 October 1998
International Symposium
"Disaster Mitigation: A Contribution to Sustainable Development in Central America"

CERESIS Project for the Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Adobe Housing in the Andean Region

The Role of Formal Education in Disaster Prevention in Latin America
NETWORKING in the Region- a review
Guidebook on Social Communication and Disaster Prevention
Virtual Library – CD-ROM available now
Latest BIBLIODES Issue Focuses on Hurricanes
Chemical Accidents: Health Care Aspects. Guidebook for Preparedness and Response