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The Planning and Programming Secretariat – SEGEPLAN –

Mission: Our team is responsible for facilitating national development by guiding a decentralized process for public investment planning and programming; the management, negotiation and monitoring of international cooperation; and the collection, analysis and interpretation of relevant data. We provide services to the President of the Republic, as well as to decision- and policy-makers within the executive branch.

The Planning and Programming Secretariat (SEGEPLAN) is the government planning body established to support the work done by the Executive Office of the President. As such, it provides assistance in designing the overall government development policies and in assessing their implementation and impact.
To fulfill its mission and make it operational, SEGEPLAN’s planning and programming covers both general and sectoral areas. It also seeks the validation of its work in forums of citizen participation nationwide, through the Development Councils System.

The National Public Investment System (SNIP) operates under the auspices of SEGEPLAN. SNIP tracks all public investment projects and develops regulations for project design. Current efforts include the incorporation of risk reduction into development programs and projects by using the Delnet methodology. Every year, many projects in Guatemala are affected by natural events, since hazards and vulnerabilities of both the population and territories are not taken into account while designing projects.
Therefore, it is essential to incorporate disaster risk reduction into all public investment projects. Costs associated with replacements and delays during reinstatement periods, as well as the resulting opportunity costs have a high impact on the beneficiaries, and thus, must be avoided.
Well-designed projects would have a longer life, and in many cases would reduce costs associated with repairs, reinstatement or reconstruction, and would become a safer and more profitable social service for the population.
Edwin A. García Ovalle, Engineer and Project Consultant
Public Investment Office, National Public Investment System