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Capacity Building for Post-Disaster Recovery in Central America and the Caribbean


On July 17-24, 2007, the workshop titled “Capacity building for post-disaster recovery in Central America and the Caribbean” was held in Havana, Cuba. It brought together the UNDP focal points responsible for risk and disaster related issues in each of the country offices in the region.

The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen UNDP’s capacity, through its country offices, to advise governments that face disaster situations. The workshop was held in the context of a process aimed at building capacity for post-disaster recovery in the region, promoted by the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR). During the workshop participants were able to increase their knowledge about the characteristics of a post-disaster situation, develop skills that allow them to participate in processes related to recovery, damage and needs assessment, project design

project design and resource mobilization; develop skills to integrate risk reduction criteria, support capacity building within UNDP offices relating to their participation in managing early recovery processes, build their own capacity to assist governments that deal with post-disaster recovery situations, strengthen a network of people trained in early recovery, and promote the exchange of lessons learned and good practices.

The workshop was also supported by the Caribbean Risk Management Initiative (CRMI).

For further information, please contact Angeles Arenas (, Disaster Reduction Regional Advisor, UNDP/BCPR-LAC, or Ana de Miguel (, BCPR.