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Collection of Educational Modules
Risk Management

This publication was prepared by the office of Plan International, in El Salvador, with the financial contribution of the European Union. This is the second edition of the guides for youth brigades, included in three modules titled: “Let us protect our health”, “Let us protect our natural resources”, and “Learning to manage risk.” This material represents one of the most important achievements of the project, “Youth participation in disaster prevention in 20 vulnerable communities in El Salvador.”

This initiative, financed by Plan International/El Salvador and the European Commission’s Humanitarian Office –ECHO-, makes available, to all interested people and organizations, one of the key successes of the project: educational tools intended for youth, that contribute to acquiring and strengthening knowledge of risk management and disaster prevention, and its dissemination among their families and communities.

Plan International is an organization committed to the wellbeing of children. According to its mission, it carries out actions aimed at ensuring the observance of children’s rights. In this context, one of the goals of Plan International, in El Salvador, is to build the capacity of children and youth, as well as their families and communities, to reduce risks and prevent disasters.

The educational guides, whose development incorporated, participatory methodologies, are user-friendly materials based on the practical experience of young people in risk management and disaster prevention.

For further information, please contact:
Plan International / El Salvador
Verónica Villalta,
National Advisor, Water, Sanitation and Risk Management
51 av. Norte Nº 2636 y Alameda Roosevelt
San Salvador, El Salvador