International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
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New version in English
Disaster Reduction: living in harmony with nature

"Reduction of disasters" treats the prevention of disasters from a multidisciplinary and integral point of view that extends the traditional approaches of the subject considering aspects of social and economic sciences and their application for the reduction of the vulnerability of the populations above these phenomena. It is in this frame that develops the last advances in the field and it articulates them to the notion of sustainable cities.

They are approached, of detailed way and with present information, the diverse types of disasters, are geologic, climatic, geologic-climatic, or technological; throughout all the chapters it is emphasized that the prevention and mitigation of Disasters must be made according to the lessons of the Nature.

The information that contains this volume has been reviewed by a team of the best specialists in each field in Peru. It is used a simple language and many photography and graphs for its easy understanding by students and professionals of all careers.

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