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A multimedia educational proposal:
“ ABCDesastres: a strategy for action”

“ABCDesastres” [ABCDisasters]is an educational tool thatpromotes knowledge of naturalrisk and disasters among teachers and students.The overall environmental issue that this tool addresses is natural disaster risk management. It is safe to say that the level of
existing vulnerability in a given region is the element that will define any disaster risk as the possibility of worsening or, on the
other hand, controlling a situation, so that it is possible to cope with, reduce, and even prevent the impact of a natural
phenomenon from occurring. This proposal builds on the goals that UNESCO and UNDP established in 1978: “To help individuals and communities understand the complex nature of the natural and the built environments resulting from the interaction of their biological, physical, social, economic, and cultural aspects, and acquire the knowledge, values, attitudes, and practical skills to participate in a responsible and effective way in anticipating and solving environmental problems, and in the management of the quality of the environment.”Other goals of this proposal include the creation of spaces to exchange knowledge and experience with the purpose of
promoting broad-based citizen participation; and the development of educational strategies for an environmental lifestyle

CERIDE: Centro Regional de Investigación y Desarrollo
COMIES: Comisión Interministerial –Ministerio de Educación –Ministerio de Salud
Regional IV: la provincia de Santa Fe, por su extensión, está dividida en nueve regionales educativas

Through the systematized implementation of this material in both formal and non-formal education (downstream effect), it is
¿ also possible to promote strategies for action to be developed in potential risk situations. It is also possible to acquire knowledge in the field of risk and disaster prevention. “ ABCDesastres” builds on the participation of all key players, as part of an educational communication proposal. It must be considered that every disaster is unique, their effects are d i fferent and each affected region has specific social, economic, political and sanitary conditions. For this reason, it is important to establish common actions for preparedness. In order to achieve this goal, we must acquire knowledge so that we are trained to become more effective.

Technical support

This proposal includes issues related to problem-based learning and anchored instruction. Along these lines, information and communication technologies (TIC) serve as tools that support cognitive learning, and contribute to establish a new means by which both teachers and student can have access to information and knowledge. New technologies challenge the traditional way of developing education material, as well as the methodology and approaches of current teaching and learning processes. This material is available on CERIDE’s webpage and in CD. The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) and UNICEF has provided support for the development of this tool.

A multidisciplinary team:Social communication area: CERIDE (Regional Research and Development Center), Santa Fe, Argentina:
- Graciela Mir: Environmental projects. Master’s degree in Environmental Education.

  • Lautaro Massa: Professional in social communication. Emphasis on cultural, educational and scientific communication.
  • Maximilano Espíndola: Journalist.
  • Sebastián Malicia: Professional in graphic design.
  • Enrique Rabe: Professional in social communication. Emphasis on scientific journalism.

For additional information please contact:
Graciela Mir - Social Comunication Area- CERIDE