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Partners in action


A planet for children

The Foundation for the Integral Development of Vulnerable Populations (FUNDIPOV) is a non-profit and social organization that has been carrying out a number of actions in the fields of emergencies, disaster prevention and awareness raising, environmental protection and nature conservation. In this context, FUNDIPOV organized the activity entitled “Un planeta para la niñez” [A planet for children], through which 250 trees of different species were donated to children from various long-established public schools in the capital city of Ecuador, so that these children could adopt and take care of them.



This activity was held at the “Arbolito” Park, on June 17, 2005, date on which the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is commemorated. The activity was welcomed and supported by both the public and private sectors, including companies and bodies such as the Metropolitan Company for Public Works, the Metropolitan District Administration for the Central Area of Quito, Hispanic Insurance, Comunicare Corporation and Arquint, among others.

“Un planeta para la niñez” drew the participation of the population at large, and the involvement of the children who attend the following education centers: the “Republic of Cuba” School, the “Dolores Cacuango” Integral Development Center, the Salesian Project for Street Children, the “Pichincha” School, and the “Carolina” Childcare Center. These children received trees native to Ecuador, as well as toys and refreshments to celebrate the children’s month.

As part of this activity a drawing contest took place. The best three children’s drawings were chosen and given a prize. The drawings expressed how our children want to receive the planet from us in the future. Two of the winners were Catherine Calero, a 5-year old girl, and Oscar Catacumba. The activity was covered by the media, including TV and radio stations, and newspapers.

For additional information, please contact:
Pablo D. Cardoso
Executive Director, FUNDIPOV