ISDR Informs - The Americas



To subscribe to the magazine ISDR Informs— the Americas, please send your full name, P.O. Box or mailing address, and the name of your institution or organization (not required) to

The magazine is distributed free of charge.

We invite all people, organizations, institutions and NGOs, among others, wishing to contribute to the magazine, to do so using the following email address: mvillalobos@eird.or



All contributions should be summarized in a brief paragraph explaining how they relate to any one of the five priorities established in the Hyogo Framework for Action:

1. Ensure that disaster risk reduction is a national priority with a strong institutional basis for implementation.
2. Identify, assess and monitor disaster risks and enhance early warning.
3. Use knowledge, innovation and education to build a culture of safety and resilience at all levels.
4. Reduce the underlying risk factors.
5. Strengthen disaster preparedness for an effective response at all levels

Format: contributions should not exceed three 8 x 11” pages, single spaced, with photos or illustrations, and must be related to the issue of disaster reduction. The name and email address of the main contact person should also be included.

Contributions received include projects, activities, programs, lessons learned, scientific-technical articles, new laws or bills, educational programs and news. You may also send information about any publication, video, CD-ROM, audiovisual and printed material that you wish to promote.