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“Strenthening of local risk and disaster management in the education sector in Central America”

Project description:

The project financed by the European Union – Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) – seeks to recover and systematize experiences and reproduce practices and instruments regarding risk management in the field of education in six Central American countries, allowing such promotion and reproduction at a local level.

In addition, the project contributes with national authorities of the education sector in order to elaborate and implement their policies and strategies regarding prevention, preparation and response to emergencies and disasters.

The experiences identified in the region will facilitate the elaboration, validation and feedback of the methodologies and tools used by Central American ministries of education, contributing to the process of regional integration through the exchange of local experiences and updating Central American Education Plan for Risks and Disasters.

At the same time, the project seeks to develop a series of model documents for different sectors (safe school, minimum regulation of education in emergencies, school/shelter) that will allow the authorities as well as the education sector – teachers, technicians, and cooperative institutions dealing with risk reduction in the education sector – to have available the basic tools to prevent, be prepared for and respond to disasters as well as to ensure the right of children to a prompt return to educational activities immediately after an emergency.

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