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Prevention Pays


World Campaign 1999
"Prevention Pays"

With the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) coming to an end, this year’s Campaign is focused on assessing the concrete results and achievements that have taken place in disaster reduction in the 1990s, and on promoting a global culture of prevention in the 21st Century. The Campaign theme is "Prevention Pays", which is intended to promote viable, sustainable development, particularly among local communities at risk. As always, the second Wednesday of October, which this year falls on the 13th, will be World Disaster Reduction Day.

The 1999 Campaign will be part of the IDNDR Programme Forum 1999. Activities Organized by the IDNDR Secretariat.



1. International Photo Contest

The IDNDR Secretariat is organizing a global photo contest. Its theme: "Prevention Pays" – this year’s World Disaster Prevention Campaign motto. The winner will receive US$2,000. If you are interested in participating, send your pictures to the IDNDR Secretariat before 15 June 1999. Please note that photos should illustrate disaster prevention and, whenever possible, a success story involving prevention. Photographs should not deal exclusively with emergencies or disasters unfolding.


2. Virtual Internet Conference: 14-25 June 1999

As in previous years, a virtual conference will be held over the Internet. This year, the issues under discussion will correspond to the great topical areas of the IDNDR Programme Forum 1999, the closing event of the Decade.

The Internet conference will run over a period of two weeks (14-25 June 1999). During that time, there will be four themes running for two and a half days each, as follows:

First week:

• Education and socio-economic concerns

• Development and environmental concerns

Second week:

• Scientific and technological concerns

• Action Towards the 21st century

If you have access to email, you may subscribe
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In the body of the message, write: Subscribe risk your-first-name your-last-name (example: Subscribe risk John Smith).

You can also register and get more
information at the conference’s official web site:

You can send your questions to:
IDNDR Secretariat: Patrick Hein, Email:
QUIPUNET: Alberto Delgado, Email:


3. World Disaster Reduction Day, 13 October 1999

The United Nations will hold several important celebrations. These are a few of them:

  • Presentation of the 1999 UN Sasakawa Award in Geneva, which honours those who have made a significant contribution to disaster prevention and preparedness. (Nomination guidelines can be obtained by contacting the IDNDR Secretariat.)

  • Announcement of the winner of the 1999 IDNDR International Photography Contest.

  • Press conference and debate on disaster reduction, organized by the IDNDR Secretariat at the UN.


4. The IDNDR Secretariat will produce support material for the 1999 World Disaster Reduction Campaign. It will be available upon request.

For more information, please contact:
Fax (506) 257-2139