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Prevention Pays


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5 – 9 de july, 1999

Thematic and regional events with respect to natural disaster prevention have been held as part of the 1998 - 1999 Action plan for the concluding phase of the IDNDR, culminating in the IDNDR Programme Forum 1999 which will provide a platform for global multi-sectoral and inter-disciplinary dialogue between all concerned partners within IDNDR to:

  • Exchange information on achievements

  • Identify remaining gaps and future research needs in the fields of disaster reduction and risk management

  • Propose a feasible and effective disaster reduction strategy for the 21st century

  • Agree on a future framework for action

Results of the Programme Forum will constitute a major input to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) deliberations on IDNDR.

The IDNDR Programme Forum 1999 will offer more than 40 thematic sessions in support of natural disaster prevention, including 3 tracks of concurrent sessions as well as a Sub-Forum on Science and Technology organized by WMO and UNESCO. In addition, panels, poster sessions, exhibits and an open public forum will be organized, thus providing a comprehensive overview on the broad spectrum of IDNDR achievements at all levels. Emphasis will be placed on:

  • Education and socio-economic concerns

  • Development and environmental concerns

  • Scientific and technological concerns

  • Action towards the 21st century

A public Internet Conference will be held prior to the Programme Forum to initiate debate on selected thematic areas. Highlights of the Conference will be accessible on line at the Programme Forum.

The target audience comprises invited representatives of national IDNDR committees, governments and the UN system as well as members of the Scientific and Technical Committee for the IDNDR (STC), other IDNDR partners and guests. In addition, representatives of other international organizations, NGOs and private sector, experts (scientists, engineers, media specialists, and others) and students may apply by expressing their interest. Representation of developing countries including media and scientists is especially encouraged.



  • Disaster reduction strategy for the 21st century

  • Practical guidelines emphasizing operational responsibilities

  • Identification of remaining gaps to translate knowledge into policy

  • Assessment of future research needs




  • Increase the exchange of knowledge and successful practice, and the sharing of technologies

  • Develop policy understanding

  • Promote the extension of disaster prevention services and practices into the future

  • Foster interdisciplinary and professional relationships in the fields of disaster prevention and reduction

  • Support public dissemination of information on risk and disaster reduction

  • Demonstrate the achievements of the Decade.


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