Department of Sustainable Development



Luz Graciela Calzadilla


Civil Engineer, graduated from the University of Santa María in Río Grande do Sul (Brasil). Specialized studies in Hydrology at the Grenoble Polytechnic Institute (France); advanced studies in Geography, Physics, Climatology and Hydrology at the Grenoble Medical and Scientific University (France), and a Masters Degree in Planning from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico.  

Beginning in 2004, she is Manager of Hydrometeorology at the Electric Transmission Company,

S.A. of Panama, in charge of coordinating the planning and development of improvement and expansion projects of the national network of hydrometeorologic stations; she is in charge of coordinating the work done by the meteorology, hydrology, field projects, weather forecasting and weather watch groups; she approves and follows-up the execution of the budget and coordinates and oversees the planning and development of Flood Warning Systems. She represents the National Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Panama at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and is responsible for maintaining international relations with organizations specializing in hydraulic, meteorological and environmental resources (NOAA, PNUMA, CRRH, IAI and others).

From 2002 to 2004, she was the Director of Renewable Energy Projects of the Panamanian Development Corporation, advising in the development of Electric Power Generation Projects using renewable energy sources, from identification of the site to the construction and start-up operation of the plant. Some of the projects under study in which she participated are: the hydroelectric plant Los Estrechos en Río Cobre de Veraguas, the hydroelectric plant Ojo de Agua en Río Grande, Coclé; both in Panama, and the Eolic Energy Project in the Dominican Republic. In 2001, she was an independent consultant and, among other projects, she joined the Aguilar Asociados Consulting firm where she was in charge of Energy Projects, specially the analysis of the infrastructure of the Bocas del Toro Province which was necessary for the design of the Sustainable Development Plan for the Bocas del Toro Province, Republic of Panama, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the IDB.  

She was also Manager and Assistant Director responsible for projects at the TEDECHI S.A. Company (1998-1999); at the Hydraulic Resources and Electrification Institute (IRHE) she was:  Chief, Hydraulic Works Maintenance Department, National Production Directorate, Operations Directorate (1994-1998); Administrative Assistant, Production Department (1989-1990); Engineer, Civil and Hydraulic Maintenance Section, Production Department (1986-1989); Engineer, Hydroelectric Projects Analysis Department (1979-1986).

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