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Concept note: fourth session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction SOURCE: UNDRR 2012 Conference proceedings
Disaster risk reduction themes and issues: a schema for the categorization of DRR knowledge and action SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Occasional papers
An overview of environment and disaster risk reduction in the Arab Region: A community perspective SOURCE: UNDRR ROAS; RAED 2011 Reports
UNDRR strategic framework 2025: work programme 2012-2015, with addendum on budget requirements for 2012-2013 SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Workplan
Disaster reduction in Africa: UNDRR Informs 2010-mid 2011 issue SOURCE: UNDRR AF 2011 Magazines
Evidence, monthly UNDRR newsletter: issue 01, October 2011 SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Magazines
Africa spotlight: UNDRR Africa e-publication - Feb-April 2011, issue 2 SOURCE: UNDRR AF 2011 Magazines
Chair’s summary third session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and the World Reconstruction Conference SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Policy
Disaster through a different lens: behind every effect, there is a cause SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Education materials
UNDRR Africa spotlight issue 2 SOURCE: UNDRR AF 2011 Promotional material
Reducing disaster risk in the Arab region SOURCE: UNDRR ROAS 2011 Promotional material
Third session of the Global Platform for disaster risk reduction: programme SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Conference proceedings
Promoting disaster risk reduction to save lives and reduce its impacts SOURCE: UNDRR AM 2011 Promotional material
Africa spotlight: UNDRR Africa e-publication - Oct-Dec 2010, issue 1 SOURCE: UNDRR AF 2010 Magazines
One million safe schools and hospitals campaign: advocacy guide SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2010 Campaign kits
The development of public partnership framework and action plan for disaster risk reduction in Asia SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2009 Reports
Know disaster, tell disaster risk reduction: training handbook for media professionals SOURCE: SEEDS Asia; UNDRR AP 2009 Education materials
Words into action: a guide to implementing the Hyogo Framework SOURCE: UNDRR 2007 HFA documents
Living with risk: a global review of disaster reduction initiatives SOURCE: UNDRR 2004 Policy
Disaster reduction in urban areas SOURCE: IDNDR; UNDRR; DHA 1995 Occasional papers

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