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Reducing disaster risks through science: issues and actions SOURCE: UNDRR; STC 2009 Policy
Drought risk reduction framework and practices: contributing to the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action SOURCE: UNDRR; NDMC 2009 Policy
Applying disaster risk reduction for climate change adaptation: country practices and lessons SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 Good Practices
Urban risk management in Latin America: compendium of articles SOURCE: UNDRR AM 2009 Good Practices
UNDRR biennial work plan: 2008 progress report SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 Annual reports
Incheon Declaration: Building a local governance alliance for DRR - conference summary SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 Policy
Building resilience to tsunami in the Indian Ocean: action research, IEC and practices SOURCE: EU; UNDRR AP; ADRRN; Kyoto Univ 2009 Reports
The development of a public private partnership framework and action plan for disaster risk reduction (DRR) in Asia SOURCE: CSR Asia; UNDRR Hyogo 2009 Conference proceedings
Concept note: learning to live with risk - disaster risk reduction to encourage education for substainable development SOURCE: DKKV; UNDRR 2009 Conference proceedings
Chair’s summary of the second session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 Policy
Hydro climatic disasters in water resources management: training manual SOURCE: UNDRR AF; OCHA; Cap-Net; Nile IWRM Net 2009 Education materials
Reducing urban risk in Asia: status report and inventory of initiatives SOURCE: UNDRR Hyogo; Kyoto Univ; Graduate School of Global Environ Studies; SEEDS; RTF-URR 2009 Reports
GFDRR Track 1, building global and regional partnership: giving risk reduction a regional dimension SOURCE: GFDRR; WB; UNDRR 2009 Reports
Making disaster risk reduction gender-sensitive: policy and practical guidelines SOURCE: UNDRR; IUCN; UNDP 2009 Policy
Disaster risk reduction in the United Nations 2009 SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 Policy
Adaptation to climate change: linking disaster risk reduction and insurance SOURCE: UNDRR; MCII 2009 Policy
Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action in Europe: advances and challenges 2007-2009 SOURCE: UNDRR EUR; DKKV; COE; EUR-OPA 2009 HFA documents
Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction (2009) SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 HFA documents
Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction: summary and recommendations (2009) SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 HFA documents
The structure, role and mandate of civil protection in disaster risk reduction for South Eastern Europe SOURCE: UNDRR EUR; OCHA; WB; ACPDR, MORS; Natl Civil Protection Dept, Italy - gov 2009 Reports
Integrating disaster risk reduction into the fight against poverty: GFDRR annual report 2008 SOURCE: GFDRR; WB; UNDRR 2009 Annual reports
UNDRR secretariat Asia Pacific office evaluation, 6 March 2009: evaluation report SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2009 Evaluations
Estimating the recurrence interval and behavior of tsunamis in the Indian Ocean via a survey of tsunami-related sedimentation SOURCE: EC; UNDRR AP; NIED 2009 Reports
Indigenous knowledge: disaster risk reduction, policy note SOURCE: EU; UNDRR AP; Kyoto Univ; SEEDS 2009 Policy
Water and disaster: High-Level Expert Panel on Water and Disaster/UNSGAB SOURCE: UNSGAB; KWF; JWF; WWC; UNDRR Hyogo 2009 Reports
City profile: climate and disaster resilience SOURCE: CITYNET; Kyoto Univ; UNU; UNDRR Hyogo; RTF-URR 2009 Reports
Reducing risk through environment in recovery operations: an initial review of the status SOURCE: UNDRR; UNEP 2009 Good Practices
2009 UNDRR terminology on disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 Terminology
GFDRR Track 1, building global and regional partnership: FY08 mid-term report to the World Bank Development Grant Facility (DGF) SOURCE: WB; UNDRR; GFDRR 2009 Reports
Analyse institutionelle des plates-formes nationales et des organes référants de la réduction des risques de catastrophes, deuxième partie : etude de cas à Madagascar SOURCE: BNGRC, Madagascar - gov; UNDP Madagascar; UNDRR 2008 Reports
Analyse institutionnelle des plates-formes nationales et des organes référents de la réduction des risques de catastrophes à Madagascar et au Sénégal, troisième partie : synthèse des leçons acquises par pays SOURCE: UNDRR; BNGRC, Madagascar - gov; UNDP Madagascar 2008 Reports
Analyse institutionnelle des plates-formes nationales et des organes référents de la réduction des risques de catastrophes, première partie : etude de cas du Sénégal SOURCE: UNDRR; Direction de la Protection Civile, Min de l'Int, Senegal - gov; UNDP Senegal 2008 Reports
Asian conference on disaster reduction 2007: summary report SOURCE: Kazakhstan - gov; Japan - gov; UNDRR; UNDP; WMO; ADRC 2008 Conference proceedings
United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction activities in Central Asia SOURCE: UNDRR CAC 2008 Promotional material
Handbook on good building design and construction in the Philippines SOURCE: UNDRR AP; UNDP; EC; ECHO; GIZ, Germany - gov 2008 Policy
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR): South-South Cooperation Program for Disaster Risk Reduction, policy brief SOURCE: GFDRR; WB; UNDRR 2008 Policy
Rapid assessment of potential impacts of a tsunami: lessons from the Port of Galle in Sri Lanka SOURCE: UNU-EHS; UNDRR 2008 Good Practices
Community based disaster risk reduction regional consultative meeting, West Asia, Middle East and North Africa region: summary and proceeding report SOURCE: UNDRR ROAS; IFRC 2008 Reports
Disaster risk reduction, concepts and measures SOURCE: UNEP; IUCN; ADPC; UNDRR AP 2008 Education materials
Emerging climate change-related global disaster risk management initiatives SOURCE: GFDRR; WB; UNDRR 2008 Occasional papers

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