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Recovery status report: Southern Leyte Landslide SOURCE: IRP; CDP 2012
Children and disasters: building resilience through education SOURCE: UNDRR EUR; UNICEF 2011 Policy
I'm prepared for emergencies: friends power series 1 SOURCE: WHO - EMRO; UNDRR ROAS 2011 Education materials
Disaster risk reduction themes and issues: a schema for the categorization of DRR knowledge and action SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Occasional papers
School safety baseline study SOURCE: UNDRR; UN Thematic Platform on Knowledge and Edu 2011 Good Practices
An overview of environment and disaster risk reduction in the Arab Region: A community perspective SOURCE: UNDRR ROAS; RAED 2011 Reports
Disaster reduction in Africa: UNDRR Informs 2010-mid 2011 issue SOURCE: UNDRR AF 2011 Magazines
Third session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and World Reconstruction Conference proceedings SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Conference proceedings
Aligning regional and global disaster risk reduction agendas: summary of key regional political commitments and disaster risk reduction priorities SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Policy
UNDRR summary annual report and financial statement 2010 SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Annual reports
Third session of the Global Platform for disaster risk reduction: programme SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Conference proceedings
Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 mid-term review SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 HFA documents
Catálogo de herramientas y recursos de información sobre preparativos para desastres en educación SOURCE: CRID; UNDRR AM; EC 2010 Education materials
One million safe schools and hospitals assessment and mitigation planning for risk reduction guide SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2010 Campaign kits
Educational kit on natural disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNESCO Cairo; UNDRR ROAS 2010 Education materials
Conclusions and recommendations of the meeting on the institutional framework for disaster risk reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa SOURCE: SELA; UNDRR AM 2010 Conference proceedings
School emergency and disaster preparedness: guidance note SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2010 Campaign kits
One million safe schools and hospitals campaign: advocacy guide SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2010 Campaign kits
Building back better for next time SOURCE: EU; UNDRR AP 2010 Reports
Local governments and disaster risk reduction: good practices and lessons learned SOURCE: UNDRR; ITCILO; UNDP Thailand 2010 Good Practices
Risk reduction methods: disaster reduction handbook for foundation phase learners (Grade 1-3) SOURCE: UNDRR AF 2009 Education materials
Disaster risk reduction in Central Asia, building partnerships to secure development gains: issue 2 , October-December 2009 SOURCE: UNDRR CAC; ECHO 2009 Magazines
Disaster reduction in the Americas: UNDRR informs, issue 16, 2009 SOURCE: UNDRR AM 2009 Magazines
Good practices and tools on disaster risk reduction in education in Central Asia: compendium SOURCE: UNDRR CAC; UNICEF; EC 2009 Good Practices
1-2-3 of disaster eduction SOURCE: UNDRR AP; Kyoto Univ; EC 2009 Education materials
Regional analysis on disaster risk reduction (DRR) education in the Asia Pacific region SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2009 Reports
Town watching handbook for disaster education: enhancing experiential learning SOURCE: UNDRR AP; EU; Kyoto Univ 2009 Education materials
Guidance notes on safer school construction SOURCE: INEE; GFDRR; UNDRR; WB 2009 Education materials
Drought risk reduction framework and practices: contributing to the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action SOURCE: UNDRR; NDMC 2009 Policy
Building resilience to tsunami in the Indian Ocean: action research, IEC and practices SOURCE: EU; UNDRR AP; ADRRN; Kyoto Univ 2009 Reports
Concept note: learning to live with risk - disaster risk reduction to encourage education for substainable development SOURCE: DKKV; UNDRR 2009 Conference proceedings
Indigenous knowledge: disaster risk reduction, policy note SOURCE: EU; UNDRR AP; Kyoto Univ; SEEDS 2009 Policy
United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction activities in Central Asia SOURCE: UNDRR CAC 2008 Promotional material
Rapid assessment of potential impacts of a tsunami: lessons from the Port of Galle in Sri Lanka SOURCE: UNU-EHS; UNDRR 2008 Good Practices
Disaster risk reduction, concepts and measures SOURCE: UNEP; IUCN; ADPC; UNDRR AP 2008 Education materials
Safe schools in safe territories SOURCE: UNDRR AM; UNICEF; ECHO; CECC 2008 Education materials
Disaster prevention for schools: guidance for education sector decision-makers SOURCE: UNDRR 2008 Education materials
La gestión del riesgo de desastres hoy: contextos globales, herramientas locales SOURCE: UNDRR AM; IDRC 2008 Reports
Guía para el manejo de simulacros de evacuación para una preparación y planeamiento en centros educativos SOURCE: S.O.S. Vidas Perú; UNESCO; UNDRR AM 2007 Campaign kits
International day for disaster reduction 2007 SOURCE: UNDRR 2007 Campaign kits

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