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Early warning practices can save lives: selected examples SOURCE: UNDRR - PPEW 2010 Good Practices
Diagnóstico de la situación de la República Dominicana en cuanto a la reducción de riesgos a desastres SOURCE: UNDRR AM; UNDP; Dominican Republic - gov; EU 2010 Reports
UNDRR secretariat biennial workplan: 2008-2009 final report SOURCE: UNDRR 2010 Annual reports
Building back better for next time SOURCE: EU; UNDRR AP 2010 Reports
In-depth review of disaster risk reduction in the Kyrgyz Republic SOURCE: UNDRR CAC 2010 Reports
Formation of glacial lakes in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas and GLOF risk assessment (2010) SOURCE: ICIMOD; UNDRR AP; GFDRR 2010 Reports
Making cities resilient: my city is getting ready! - campaign kit SOURCE: UNDRR 2010 Campaign kits
Disaster reduction in Africa: UNDRR Informs 2009 issue SOURCE: UNDRR AF 2010 Magazines
Local governments and disaster risk reduction: good practices and lessons learned SOURCE: UNDRR; ITCILO; UNDP Thailand 2010 Good Practices
Protecting development gains: 2008-2009 biennial report and 2010-2011 work plan highlights SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2010 Annual reports
A guide for implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action by local stakeholders SOURCE: UNDRR Hyogo; Graduate School of Global Environ Studies; Kyoto Univ; RTF-URR 2010 HFA documents
Cities and resilience: climate policy brief SOURCE: ACCCRN; ESCAP; UNDRR; ProVention Consortium 2009 Policy
Joint research on the assessment methodology for recovery community development - final report SOURCE: ADRC; DRI; IRP; UNCRD 2009 Reports
Regional workshop on urban risk reduction in Arab States, Damascus, Syria, November 2009: consolidated workshop proceedings report SOURCE: UNDRR ROAS; WB; Min of Local Admin and Environ, Syrian Arab Rep - Gov; UNDP Syria 2009 Conference proceedings
Institutional and policy analysis of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Pacific Island Countries: final report PUBLISHER: UNDP, UNDRR AP 2009 Reports
Risk reduction methods: disaster reduction handbook for foundation phase learners (Grade 1-3) SOURCE: UNDRR AF 2009 Education materials
Disaster risk management programs for priority countries SOURCE: GFDRR; WB; UNDRR 2009 Reports
Progress in reducing disaster risk and implementing Hyogo Framework for Action in the Arab Region SOURCE: UNDRR ROAS 2009 HFA documents
Disaster risk reduction in Central Asia, building partnerships to secure development gains: issue 2 , October-December 2009 SOURCE: UNDRR CAC; ECHO 2009 Magazines
Integrating disaster risk reduction into the fight against poverty: GFDRR annual report 2009 SOURCE: GFDRR; WB; UNDRR 2009 Annual reports
Disaster reduction in the Americas: UNDRR informs, issue 16, 2009 SOURCE: UNDRR AM 2009 Magazines
Good practices and tools on disaster risk reduction in education in Central Asia: compendium SOURCE: UNDRR CAC; UNICEF; EC 2009 Good Practices
Invest today for safer tomorrow: issue 1, July-September 2009 SOURCE: UNDRR CAC; EC 2009 Magazines
1-2-3 of disaster eduction SOURCE: UNDRR AP; Kyoto Univ; EC 2009 Education materials
The development of public partnership framework and action plan for disaster risk reduction in Asia SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2009 Reports
Regional analysis on disaster risk reduction (DRR) education in the Asia Pacific region SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2009 Reports
Progress review of national platforms for disaster risk reduction (DRR) in the Asia and Pacific region SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2009 Reports
Town watching handbook for disaster education: enhancing experiential learning SOURCE: UNDRR AP; EU; Kyoto Univ 2009 Education materials
GFDRR partnership strategy 2009–2012: reducing disaster risks for sustainable development SOURCE: GFDRR; WB; UNDRR 2009 Policy
Joint policy brief for Pacific Island nations on COP 15 Copenhagen, 7–18 December 2009 SOURCE: IFRC; OCHA-ROAP; UNDRR - Suva 2009 Policy
Second session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction proceedings: creating linkages for a safer tomorrow SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 Conference proceedings
Relationship between natural disasters and poverty: A Fiji case study SOURCE: SOPAC; UNDRR - Suva 2009 Reports
UNDRR secretariat biennial work programme: 2010-2011 SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 Workplan
Regional synthesis report on implementation of the HFA in Asia and Pacific 2007-2008/09 SOURCE: UNDRR AP 2009 HFA documents
Briefing note 02: adaptation to climate change by reducing disaster risks: country practices and lessons SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 Policy
Mitigating the adverse financial effects of natural hazards on the economies of Central Asia SOURCE: UNDRR CAC; WB; CAREC 2009 Reports
Know disaster, tell disaster risk reduction: training handbook for media professionals SOURCE: SEEDS Asia; UNDRR AP 2009 Education materials
Central Asia and Caucasus Disaster Risk Management Initiative (CAC DRMI) SOURCE: UNDRR CAC; WB; WMO; UNDRR EUR 2009 Reports
Guidance notes on safer school construction SOURCE: INEE; GFDRR; UNDRR; WB 2009 Education materials
2009 UNDRR terminology on disaster risk reduction (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) SOURCE: UNDRR; Cabinet Office, Japan - gov; NEMA, Korea, Rep of - gov 2009 Terminology

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