Climate change and disaster risks: ISDR recommendations for action now and post-Kyoto

This document outlines the ISDR's belief that to reduce the risk of extreme climate events, action is required on twin policies: to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change, and to reduce the vulnerability of societies to inevitable climate change impacts. It promotes the following messages to ensure the integration of disaster risk reduction into current policies as well as in the post-2012 climate change regime:

1. Make adaptation to climate change a fundamental pillar of any post-Kyoto agreement.
2. Ensure that disaster risk reduction and climate risk management are core elements of adaptation to climate change.
3. Establish mechanisms to provide sufficient funding for adaptation to climate change and risk reduction, especially to protect the most vulnerable.
4. Take immediate action to implement adaptation to climate change and risk reduction in vulnerable countries in the period 2008-2012.

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Climate Change, Governance, Disaster Risk Management

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