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March 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference
 16-22 Mexico City 4th WORLD WATER FORUM
The main theme of the 4th World Water Forum is Local Actions for a Global Challenge. The organizers of the 4th Forum share the belief that, regardless of their root causes, water related problems have their greatest impacts at the local level. As a result, local actions are key for generating concrete results that, when amalgamated across sectors and regions, will move us closer to meeting the water-related targets set by the Millennium Development Goals, the WSSD Implementation Plan and Local Agenda 21.
Where UNISDR together with PAHO, UNICEF and IFRC are organizing a thematic section.
For additional information:
+ 52 (55) 54 - 88 - 04 - 84
01 800 9675393 (only for Mexico)

April 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference

May 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference
2-5 La Antigua, Guatemala The Rol Played by the National Geological Services in Natural Disasters Preparedness and Mitigation
It is organized by the Spanish Geological and Mining Institute of Spain and the General Management for Civil Protection.

The participants profile for financed scholarships to this activity are Managers and/or high level officials whom are part of the permanent staff of the National Geological Services and of the Latin-American civil protection public institutions.

For information on submission’s deadline for the application, please contact:
Oficina Técnica de Cooperación en Ecuador
Phone: 2230 935
Quito, Ecuador

 17-19 Valencia, Venezuela VIII Venezuelan Congress of Seismology and Seismic Engineering
Objetives: To difusse and to exchange knowledges and recent investigations that have been carried out at national and international level in order to achieve safer cities by means of Organizations, Rules, and implementation of modern methods to prevent and handle seismic risk.
For additional information:
Phone: 58-241-8670592. Fax: 58-241-8673615.
Electronic Mail:
Web Page:

June 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference
13-16 La Havana, Cuba  

VII International Congress on Disasters / III International Seminar on Risk Management

Will be addressed to authorities, scientifics and professionals working on the fields of natural, agricultural and medical sciences, in civil protection and defense institutions, as well as for those interested in working against the destructive effects of potentially catastrophic phenomena.

The III International Seminar on Risk Management is a collateral event that will deal general elements such as: metheorology, agriculture, industries, electricity, informatics, financial risk and politics. This Seminar is organized by the Civil Defense office in collaboration with national and international organizations and institutions.

For further information, contact:
Oficina Nacional para Casos de desastres, Defensa Civil
José Llanes
Calle 18, esquina a 7ma, Miramar, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Telf.: (537) 203-5085

18-21 Toronto, Canadá 16th World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM). “The Changing Face of Disaster Management - A Global Prespective"
WCDM is the premier annual event that addresses issues common to all aspects of disaster/emergency management. The conference program includes speakers from many parts of the world and provides excellent opportunities for training and networking among those in emergency planning / management, emergency response, disaster management research, emergency communications, business continuity, risk management, security, IT, HR, environmental, community planning, as well as for the organizations which supply and service these professions.
For more information, please contact: Alysone Will
Conference Co-ordinator,
Absolute Conference and Events
Telephone: (416) 595-1414 Ext: 224
Fax: (416) 979.1819
21 – 23 Lima, Perú Andean Seminary-Factory "Preparation and Answer to Disasters of Natural Origin" within the framework of the "V National Encounter of Regional Representatives for the Prevention and Attention of Disasters

The objective of this event is to fortify the capacity of management in the preparation and answer of disasters generated by the existence of vulnerabilities and dangers of natural origin in the countries of the Andean community. The expected participation is approximately of one hundred and twenty five civil employees, between representatives of the Andean countries, provincial mayors and civil employees of the three levels of the government of Peru.
For greater information, please contact:
Luis Málaga
Tel: (51-1) 225-9898 anexo 5316

July 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference
11-13 Portland, Oregon, USA Emergency Preparedness and response Special Seminar
The program will provide specific useful training for administrator, lawyers, engineers, operations and social communication personnel and port risk managers. The panelists will share theirs experiences and lessons learned after Katrina Hurricane and other natural disasters.
For further information:
Tel: (503) 226-6300
Fax: (503) 227-7515
Or visit:

Mexico DF

1st World Congress on Urban Development & Expo FECIC 2006
FECIC invites society in general to reflect upon the issue: any person interested in urban development and convinced that by means of correct application of technological advancements it is possible to propose constructive solutions is welcome to join. In particular FECIC invites engineers, architects, civil servants, professionals from both private and public sectors, managers, academia and professional associations. The overall aim is to improve the urban panorama on a worldwide, regional and national level by reducing the use of natural resources, the level of emissions and of waste, by mitigating poverty, preventing the devastating effects of natural disasters and by assuring an adequate social, economic and sustainable development.
Tacuba No. 5 Col. Centro, Palacio de Mineria. Del. Cuauhtemoc C.P. 06000, México D.F.
Tel: + (52)(55) 5510-1423, 5510-1473 Y 5668-3423

August 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference
3-6 Panamá City

2006 EXPO DISASTER Panamanian World Showcase for the Risk Management Industry
The Atlapa Convention Center not only world famous experts on disaster mitigation but also national and international organizations and companies offering risk management industry products and services.
Within the events timeframe the Second Mitigation and Disaster Symposium will be held where the field experts will discuss the most recent advances in disaster mitigation. Additionally, as special attraction, an earthquake simulator capable of simulating up to 7 Richter scale seismic situations will be imported from Japan.
This wonderful artifact will demonstrate in a secure manner to the attendees what happens during an earthquake and what to do in the case of one.
For further information, please visit:
IPMD Urbanización la Siesta Calle Chepigana, No.1114
Tocumen, Zona 12, Panama City
Phone: 6486-6544 /
Director, Patricio Jordan, Paramedic / Projects Secretary, Manuel Calderón, Paramedic
Phone: 6509-8244
Or visit:

8-12 Bogotá, Colombia Latin American and Caribbean symposium in Geophysical: "Non-conventional Methods in exploration"
Second Latin American Congress of Seismology: “Seismic and Volcanic threat in Great Cities"
Third Colombian Congress of Sismología: "Advances in the Studies of Seismic Threat in Colombia. Relevant aspects in the Microzonification of Cities”

In this event will be developed different technical-scientists activities, oriented to understand the implications of the seismic and volcanic threat in the territorial planning and the use of geophysical methods in the operation of nonrenewable natural resources.
For more information, please contact:
Carlos A. Vargas J.
Tel. (+57) (1) 3165000 Ext. 16506-16514
Alexander Caneva R.
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Departamento de Geociencias
Tel: 3 165000 Ext. 16506-16514 /

September 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference
 12TH Internet Integral Management of Risks and Disasters/ e-learning Course

On September 12th begins the new edition of the course of superior education “e-learning/e-training on Integral Management of Risks” by Internet.
This course regularly begins every year, the second Tuesday of January, May and September as an initiative of the International Center of Numerical Methods in engineering (CIMNE) in collaboration with the company STRUCTURALIA.
The objective of this course is the formation of students in the diverse theoretical and practical aspects related to the evaluation of natural or antrópico origin risks, with the reduction, mitigación or prevention of the risk and with the handling of disasters in its answer phases, rehabilitation and reconstruction. Its approach is directed to understand and to face this modern problem from a multidiscipline perspective, interinstitutional, multisectorial and like a cross-sectional subject to the development process.
For more information, visit: /


October 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference
 11-13 Montreal, Canadá

Third Annual Symposium of the Canadian Network of Study of Risks and Dangers "A dynamic association in management of risks: towards exemplary practices."

The main objective of the symposium is to share experience and best practices in Emergency Management. Researchers and practitioners in social sciences and physical sciences are invited to submit their presentation or poster session proposals that tie in with the selected theme. The proposals may cover a wide range of fields relating to risk and disaster.
For more information, please contact:
Mr. Michel Dufault
Tel. (514) 987-3000 ext. 4887

November 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference
 6-10 Santiago, Chile

9th International Conference of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI-9),
Continuing with our organizational goal of fostering spatial data infrastructure developments in support of important worldwide needs, the theme of GSDI-9 is "Spatial Information: Tool for Reducing Poverty."
Conference web site:
Call for papers:
Submission deadlines: Fully Refereed Publication: Full paper due March 15, 2006
Proceedings Publication: Abstract due May 2nd, 2006. If accepted, full paper due Sept 1, 2006 The web site will be updated regularly to give clear, full and current information.
We look forward to enjoying your company and benefiting from your insights.

7-10 Mendoza, Argentina

"Second Congress for the Prevention and Combat of Forest and pastures fires in mercosur "
This congress is organized by the "Association Friends of National Parks" in collaboration with the Secretariat of Tourism of Malargüe, the Association Ñande Ybý - Our Earth and the Andean Center of Development and Environmental Investigation (C.A.D.I.A.) of MZA.
For more information, please contact:
Organizing Committee
Apdo: Esmeralda 605 Piso 4° - CP.1007
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – Argentina

December 2006

Date Location Meeting or Conference


Date Location Meeting or Conference



Please submit information on upcoming events related to disaster reduction to, indicating the meeting or conference title, date, location, contact person, email address and website (if available).