What is a Risk Map?

Community Risk Maps: Know the dangers and get going!

How can you reduce the vulnerability of your family, your friends and your belongings before a disaster happens? You can help your community to realize the risk of a disaster may happen and take preventive action. One of the best ways is to put up a hazard and risk map of your community.

A risk map is a big drawing or model of your community that you can draw or make with your schoolmates and friends, with the help of your teacher, showing all the important buildings such as schools and hospitals, farm land, roads, and any other things that could be affected in the event of a disaster. It also shows potentially hazardous elements or places such as nearby volcanoes, areas that might get flooded, or very dry grasslands that can catch fire. It also shows all the resources, such as people and things that can help your community to get ready and protect itself, like the fire station, or a health care center. To show all these things you can draw symbols on the map. You can even invent your own symbols, as long as other people can understand them. What symbol would you use for a hospital? Or a volcano?