Nature is the source of life

We human beings are a part of nature, and our quality of life depends on all the living things that share this planet with us. We must take care of nature, because our well-being depends on it. Nature is always moving and changing. This happens in different ways, for instance through natural phenomena that occur quite regularly, such as rain, winds, earth tremors or the natural processes of soil erosion.

Earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, tropical storms, tornadoes, electric storms, landslides, droughts, plagues and other phenomena such as "El Niņo" and "La Niņa" are a part of nature, just like the sun and the rain. These natural phenomena affect almost the entire Earth. In olden times, people used to come with legends to explain these phenomena. They would say the volcano was angry, or that the gods were demanding a sacrifice.

Today, science, technology and history help us to understand these events instead of merely fearing them. However, such phenomena still turn into disasters, affecting lots of people in every corner of our planet where a culture of prevention has not yet taken root.