School Rally

The Continental Rally “Schools with a Sustainable Future” is the first international competition in Latin America and the Caribbean that promotes inclusive and participatory education for sustainable development and disaster risk management. 

Children and adolescents seek to place in the higher position the leadership of their schools as engines of development of their local communities, strengthening and making them viable for current and future generations.


The Continental Rally “Schools with a Sustainable Future” is an open competition for all public and private schools in Latin America and the Caribbean, without registration fees, where participants have the opportunity to acquire and develop knowledges, skills, attitudes and values needed to build a sustainable future and to address adequately the crisis and risks associated with climate change.

This international Rally also challenges the countries, regions and cities in Latin America and the Caribbean to demonstrate the scope of its commitments with sustainable development and disaster risk management through the performance of their schools in their own territory.
Here, children and adolescents are challenged to understand and embrace new ways of dealing with their own environment, to tackle their most important problems by the hand of science and technology, as well as using networks and resources available to strengthen their relations with the local community.
The educational community (directors, teachers and parents) guides and accompanies the initiatives of children and youth, encouraging them in this great challenge to sustainable development and resilient communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Why support the Rally?

Participating schools need to strengthen their capacity and links to become continental models, that is why active participation of local governments, universities, civil society and private sector, as well the press is essential to promote the participation, performance and achievements of schools in their local area.

The Rally Schools with a Sustainable Future is an initiative of the Fundación Vive con Esperanza with the support of:


  • United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO)

  • United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) through its Regional Office for the Americas

  • General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS)

And the support and promotion of:

  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

  • Global Campaign "Making Cities Resilient: My city is getting ready"

Who can participate?
Public and private schools in Latin America and the Caribbean with children and adolescents up to 17 years old may participate without registration fee, as well other social stakeholders including: 
National and local governments, who bring their commitment, their convening power and their important leadership.
Universities, who bring their expertise and leadership in the generation of scientific knowledge and researching, as well as teacher´s training and support capacity, also provide as an incentive scholarships for exceptional efforts of students and teachers, besides interns and experts.
The press and social networks, who support the dissemination of the call and outstanding initiatives at different levels: local, national and international.
Privates who provide expertise, volunteers, products and services as well as financial and technical support.
Civil society organizations, who provide its convening power and its technical and social strengths.

How to participate?




National and local governments

Participate in oportunities to strenghten local capacities through Local Training Journeys, as well as supporting the call for proposals.

25 June 2015

Universities from Latin America and the Caribbean

Participate through ESD Universities Program associated to the Rally, please contact Juan David Rodriguez

15 August 2015

Privates and social stakeholders

Participate through the Sponsorship & Partnership Programme Inspira Esperanza 2015-2016. Please contact Elga Velasquez.

Press and social networks

Please contact Tomás Gorodetzky and Liliana Busto


Participate by fullfilling the form in the webpage of Vive con Esperanza Foundation.

10 March 2016


Education for children and adolescents: a Key to Sustainable Development

It has been well documented that children and adolescents are the most vulnerable to the effects of the global environmental crisis, because it directly compromises their own development, and chances of prevailing  (21th Agenda, UN).

However, it is clear that they are also an essential key in the building of a new, more sustainable and resilient society, both for their participation in the construction processes for sustainable development, as well as in the decisions that the whole society should take to protect the future generations, where education plays a fundamental role.
Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) allows to know the risk of a possible future scenario for future generations if no immediate concrete action is taken to adequately address an energy, water and food crisis, helping the whole society, primarily children and adolescents, to decide to change the course of history and build a truly sustainable development.

Impacts of Climate Change and Disaster Risk in Development 
It has been said that by 2030, most countries will face a serious risk of Climate Change (DARA, 2012). Although the region still recorded low CO2 emissions, Latin America and the Caribbean with warm and humid tropical climate will be seriously affected by the intensification of disaster risk, with consequentially negative impacts in the population health, the rising of food prices, among other factors.

If actions are not taken, the current and future environmental threats could put at great risk the extraordinary progress in the human development index that took place in the recent decades and progress towards achieving the MDGs, particularly on hunger and food security (CEPAL 2013).


Fernando Garcia García
Director of Policy and Cooperation 
Fundación Vive con Esperanza 


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