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Europe Thinks Out Of Box to Face Climate Change

Climate change has been affecting a lot of factors. There are heat waves, floods, forest fires and shrinking glaciers, now all this has affected how the European leaders thinks of planning the future of their country. They have believed of concepts out of boxes so that these effects can not impact them much. Roofs in Rotterdam The Dutch city Rotterdam has nearly 80% of its location below the sea level. Therefore, it plans that the rooftop is converted into second ground level so that they can deal with floods and poor air quality. Far more and much more folks are joining in the work of converting the rooftops into green roof and presently there are much more than 250,000 square meters of green roof. They include solar panels so that they are energy efficient. In order to promote this effort municipality is providing subsidy on taxes. Schoolyard oases in Paris At the identical time the city authorities at Paris are arranging to use the college grounds in some thing much more than just playground for students. They want them to act as cooling spots as well that will be able to minimize the temperature of the city throughout the heat waves. The notion of “oasis schoolyard” is in progress and quickly some of them will be began to test if it is truly attainable. Snowy properties for Finnish seals The Finnish seals that are the Saimaa ringed seals are minimizing in quantity. There are only 360 in the Saimaa Lake of Finland. They want deep snow for breeding and guarding their new born pups. The change in climate has brought about death to a number of seals and it has also posed a question mark on the existence of seals. In order to save the seals now men and women along with leaders have come forward and they have built 519 artificial snowdrifts global warming European Union exactly where these seals can breed as well as take care of their newly born. Diverse efforts shown by leaders or public at various areas in Europe have shown the world that politics is not bounded to government formation only. It helps in uniting individuals whereby they gather collectively to fight the threat that nature is posing in front of them. Whether or not it controlling flood at Netherland or making the alpine slopes snowy once more, these efforts shows that nature is there above politics. In order to save the planet everyone will gather and show efforts that will certainly make change.

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