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These machines are the reason behind uniformly sorted seeds and spices packed in bags.With the help of high resolution scanner cameras, color sorting machines observe the batch's components and analyze the different color variations.A particular color is considered pure desired product and all other particles are differentiated from it and eventually filtered out.There are different color sorting machines for different types of seeds and spices since a typical color sorting machine can not operate on different kinds of solid particles. Even if we manage to come up with a "one-for-all sorting machine", it would possess a lot of limitations and shortcomings.Major applications of color sorting machines:1) Rice sorting - Similar length and color of rice grains is ensured. 2) Pulse sorting - Healthy pulses are distinguished from the unhealthy ones. 3) Coffee beans sorting - Coffee beans are prone to various kinds of adulterations, color sorters work well to get rid of them. 4) Food processing mills - Different food processing materials are solid particles, color sorting comes handy here 5) Spices sorting - Spices are sorted and differentiated on the basis of color and quality.

With such great utility, these machines have definitely taken sorting of seeds and spices to the next level and that too with high accuracy, precision. Today, color sorting machines are being employed across innumerable fields, where there is a need to filter out solid impurities.

Where can I buy fenugreek? What form of the herb do I need for my ailment? These are common questions that I hear all the time. You need to understand the different forms of fenugreek and what they are used for before you rush out and start spending your money on the wrong product! Before I get in to the particulars of where to buy it, and what form of this incredible herb you need, let's talk about what fenugreek is very briefly.Fenugreek is an ancient culinary herb that has been around for centuries, and as usual, we here in the west are the last to know about it's healing properties! Well, the word is slowly leaking out about this extremely beneficial herb.

Fenugreek is getting more well known in recent times due to the fact that it is so diverse in it's uses. It is known to help with acne, cholesterol, digestion, diabetes care, breast milk production, sores, cataracts, athletic performance, anti inflammatory uses, cardiovascular disease, insect repellent, the list goes on and on.It is not well known enough to be at your local drugstore...yet.So where do you buy fenugreek? It depends on what form of the herb you are looking for.For Acne, you are going to want the raw fenugreek seeds. You can buy Acne treatments with fenugreek seed in them, but nothing works as well as the raw seeds. Just grind them or crush them up into a powder, then mix the powder with a small amount of water, and apply the paste with some cotton balls.If you are a diabetic and you are trying to lower your overall blood glucose levels for a nice A1c result, you are going to want to get the ground up seeds in a pill form. This form of the herb metabolizes faster than eating the raw seeds, and as a result lowers your blood glucose faster.

If you are trying to increase breast milk production, you can buy fenugreek as a liquid concentrate in vegetarian capsules. This form of fenugreek is a dietary supplement and works best for increasing breast milk production. It is not recommended to use during pregnancy in this quantity. og kush, growing marijuana, plantar maconha

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