Distant Forex Prop Trader


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Our Remote FX Prop-trader program offers the opportunity to talented forex traders around the world to trade forex using YESFX online trading room software. This option eliminates the need for costly relocation. As a leading proprietary firm (prop-trading firm) we encourage our international Forex traders to utilize their own trading strategy and apply it using YESFX funds during both European and American Sessions. YESFX Prop Traders can interact and discuss their trading ideas. traders

Remote FX Traders Responsibilities and Duties: • Manage €50,000 YESFX Live Trading Account • Perform intraday analysis on a basket of forex spot rate pairs • Place trades on forex spot rate pairs • Analyze and calculate risk to reward ratio of all possible financial instruments traded in the house • Apply money management tests to decide whether to reward to risk criteria are fulfilled • Participate in YESFX Online Community (Traders Forum)


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