Discovering The Muay Boran Martial Art Form


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People who know the martial arts are familiar with Muay Thai. Being the official sport of Thailand, Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is known by all who compete in or against those involved in martial arts in Thailand. It is competed in kickboxing matches, used for self-defense, and remains a leading element of Mixed Martial Arts. Just where does Muay Boran fit into all of this? The majority of people don't know that Muay Boran can be regarded as Muay Thai's parent form of martial art. It is unfortunate that Muay Boran is becoming much more obscure as fewer men and women learn this martial art form.

Precisely what is Muay Boran estero judo for kids ? If you were to translate the name it'd come off roughly as "Ancient Boxing" in English. It's an appropriate name as the modern-day version is essentially the sport of Thai Boxing. One common misconception concerning Muay Boran is that it is just a bare knuckles variant of Muay Thai. Though it is true the ancient art was designed to work with no gloves, it isn't as close to the modern-day interpretations of Thai Boxing as many would assume. The Muay Boran moniker wasn't the "art of eight limbs", it was the art of "nine weapons". Muay Boran made total use of the headbutt as part of its art form, while the headbutt is an illegal weapon in Muay Thai.

Another common misconception regarding Muay Boran is that its techniques and performance mirrors the striking style of Thai Boxing. This is only partially true as Muay Boran most certainly had a standup style similar to Muay Thai. It is important to note that Muay Boran is actually an integration of a variety of Indochinese indigenous fighting styles. There are a number of similarities in the training style to that of MMA training. MMA is a militaristic style. Muay Boran is quite brutal. It deals with both offense and defense, but it does so in a freestyle fashion. It allows the fighter to compensate for naturally crazy fighting situations. So in today's world it may be something that is well suited for self-defense and military application.

However, even with this Muay Boran was used in tournaments. Muay Boran bare knuckle fighting competitive events did happen and at some point went down the path of development into Muay Thai. In essence, a couple of things led to the decline of Muay Boran. Competitors were allowed to have their forearms wrapped in hemp as protection in traditional Muay Boran tournaments, but boxing gloves are used in competitive events nowadays. In order to have the art form comply with some basic safety rules, a great deal of the Muay Boran martial art needed to be reduced. Certainly there exists a benefit to all of this. The beautiful competitive martial art form of Muay Thai was formed in its place. As the attentions of people who like the martial arts go to Muay Thai, Muay Boran is forgotten.

Luckily, there are some masters of the traditional arts who have sought to keep teaching it to new generations. There are even instructional Muay Boran DVDs available now, and also traditional Muay Boran institutions.

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