Anges from five to 30?0 in patients under different circumstances, including coronary


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doi:ten.1136/bmjopen-2016-Open Access authors of influence.ten Thus, PKC412 chemical information academic institutions, funding agencies and the public turn out to be increasingly thinking about using citation evaluation to assess the investigation excellent and productivity of individual researchers.7 Numerous attempts have been produced to identify the most cited PHA-848125 articles in different healthcare disciplines, including psychology,11 radiology,12 hypospadiology,13 hypertension,14 surgery15 and cardiac surgery.16 Nevertheless, no citation evaluation of AKI has been title= s12687-015-0238-0 published to date. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2016-Open Access authors of influence.ten As a result, academic institutions, funding agencies along with the public develop into increasingly serious about working with citation analysis to assess the analysis high quality and productivity of individual researchers.7 Various attempts have already been made to recognize one of the most cited articles in various medical disciplines, like psychology,11 radiology,12 hypospadiology,13 hypertension,14 surgery15 and cardiac surgery.16 Having said that, no citation evaluation of AKI has been title= s12687-015-0238-0 published to date. As a result, we aimed to analyse the qualities from the one hundred top-cited articles focused on AKI, and to identify achievements and advances in this field through the previous century. Approaches Search strategy We carried out a citation search of your Science Citation Index Expanded database with the Thomson Reuters Web of Science Core Collection (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) from 1945 to 15 July 2015. The following search key words had been made use of: `acute kidney injury' or `AKI' or `acute renal failure' or `ARF'. All electronic searches had been performed on a single day, 15 July 2015, to avoid adjustments in citation price as a great deal as you possibly can. Right after all identified articles had been retrieved, along with the final results were sorted employing the solution `Times cited', which yielded a list of all the articles published inside a certain journal ranked by citation number. The papers that had a larger citation density were ranked higher. Study selection Articles on the list have been then reviewed by two independent reviewers (Y-hL and S-qW) by reading the abstracts acquired from Net of Science. When it was vital, the complete texts have been acquired from PubMed, EMBASE or ScienceDirect. Only research focusing on AKI as the main topic and in the English language had been incorporated. The exclusion title= nature12715 criteria had been: (1) articles in languages apart from English, (two) articles focused on other topics apart from about AKI.Anges from five to 30?0 in patients below numerous situations, for example coronary intervention,two cardiac surgery3 and intensive care unit admission.4 The improvement of AKI increases hospital keep and healthcare charges, and leads to poor short-term and long-term outcomes.four Thinking of the importance of AKI, researches in this field has been rising, and various articles have been published annually, providing new insights into the mechanism, early recognition and prevention or remedy of AKI.5 six However, small is identified relating to the quality of scientific achievements within this area. Citation evaluation is a bibliometric process that determines the influence of an article in the scientific neighborhood and evaluates the effect factor (IF) of a journal.7 The number of citations received by an post is often a measure of its recognition and influence inside the scientific community.

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