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Disaster risk reduction themes and issues: a schema for the categorization of DRR knowledge and action SOURCE: UNISDR 2011 Occasional papers
Disaster reduction in Africa: ISDR Informs 2010-mid 2011 issue SOURCE: UNISDR AF 2011 Magazines
Disaster risk management for health: sexual and reproductive health SOURCE: WHO; HPA; UNISDR 2011 Fact sheets
Third session of the Global Platform for disaster risk reduction: programme SOURCE: UNISDR 2011 Conference proceedings
Guidance note on recovery: gender SOURCE: IRP; UNISDR; UNDP 2010 Good Practices
Drought risk reduction framework and practices: contributing to the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action SOURCE: UNISDR; NDMC 2009 Policy
Making disaster risk reduction gender-sensitive: policy and practical guidelines SOURCE: UNISDR; IUCN; UNDP 2009 Policy
Indigenous knowledge: disaster risk reduction, policy note SOURCE: EU; UNISDR AP; Kyoto Univ; SEEDS 2009 Policy
Community based disaster risk reduction regional consultative meeting, West Asia, Middle East and North Africa region: summary and proceeding report SOURCE: UNISDR ROAS; IFRC 2008 Reports
Manila declaration for global action on gender in climate change and disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNISDR AP; UNDP; UNEP; IUCN; ADB; WEDO; CAPWIP; UNIFEM 2008 Policy
Gender perspectives: integrating disaster risk reduction into climate change adaptation SOURCE: UNISDR 2008 Good Practices
Evaluation and strengthening of early warning systems in countries affected by the 26 December 2004 tsunami: report SOURCE: UNISDR - PPEW 2007 Reports
Stockholm plan of action for integrating disaster risks and climate change impacts in poverty reduction SOURCE: WB; Sida; UNISDR 2007 Policy
Words into action: a guide to implementing the Hyogo Framework SOURCE: UNISDR 2007 HFA documents
Gender perspective: working together for disaster risk reduction PUBLISHER: UNISDR 2007 Good Practices
Integrating disaster risk reduction into the Millennium Development Goals: review of activities up to the present SOURCE: UNISDR; ActionAid 2007 Policy
Risk factors for mortality and injury: post-tsunami epidemiological findings from Tamil Nadu SOURCE: CRED; UCL; UNISDR 2006 Reports
Disaster risk reduction: a call to action SOURCE: ILO; UNISDR; IRP 2006 Policy
Let our children teach us!: a review of the role of education and knowledge in disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNISDR 2006 Education materials
Field library for disaster reduction catalogue SOURCE: UNISDR 2006 Bibliographies
Living with risk: a global review of disaster reduction initiatives SOURCE: UNISDR 2004 Policy
Challenging boundaries: a gender perspective on early warning in disaster and environmental management SOURCE: DAW; UNISDR 2001 Occasional papers

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