UNISDR discussion paper: preparing for Rio +20 - redefining sustainable development

This UNISDR discussion paper in preparation for Rio+20 United Nations Sustainable Development Conference outlines the significance and benefits of disaster reduction in attaining sustainable development. It also defines different opportunities for governments to integrate disaster risk measures in development agenda.

This paper asserts that disaster risk reduction is essential for achieving sustainable development. Any future framework for sustainable development needs a clear prescription and practical application of disaster and climate risk management. The rate at which disaster risk is increasing globally poses significant threats to people, assets and any development efforts. The series of catastrophes in 2011 particularly the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami sent a clear message that both developed and developing countries are exposed to high risks and trans-boundary implications of disasters. Thus, the practical application, as well as political, financial and technological commitment to disaster risk reduction, needs to be reinforced as an important cross-cutting sustainable development issue.
3 p.

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Climate Change, Risk Identification & Assessment, Governance, Economics of DRR, Disaster Risk Management, Social Impacts & Resilience

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