At the crossroads: climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific

A review of the Region's institutional and policy landscape:

This report was prepared to provide a snapshot of how disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) are undertaken and integrated, if at all, in the Asia Pacific region. It does so by taking stock of past and ongoing regional initiatives and by looking into the role of certain organizations in the implementation process. It also discusses key developments in three areas—political, policy and institutional—which are instrumental in facilitating the integration of DRR and CCA agendas in the region. Concluding remarks and next steps to push the integration forward are presented in the last section.

The report hopes to contribute to improved regional planning and programming for DRR and CCA, and highlights areas for cooperation among regional and sub-regional organizations. It also aims to support both national and regional stakeholders in DRR and CCA, such as governments, UN agencies, intergovernmental organizations, research and technical organizations, non-government organizations, and especially the ISDR Asia Partnership on Disaster Reduction (IAP) members, in order to enhance regional planning, programming, and cooperation.
162 p.


Capacity Development, Civil Society/NGOs, Climate Change, Governance
Asia, Oceania

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