Toolkit for national platforms for disaster risk reduction in Africa

This kit complements the UNISDR National platforms for disaster risk reduction (DRR) guidelines. It presents a set of practical steps necessary to establish, maintain and sustain platforms, outlining actions, examples and resources available for those with the responsibility for animating their country's national platform for DRR or participating in it. It is intended for government officials, members of civil society, the NGO community, representatives of international organizations, donors, the private sector and the members of the communities that are at risk.

The kit augments and enhances the National platforms for DRR guidelines and follows the same content, as applicable to African countries: (i) introduction; (ii) setting up a national platform; (iii) primary activities of a national platform; (iv) risk information and risk identification (setting up a baseline); (v) capacity assessment and capacity development; (vi) building DRR institutions at all levels; (vii) mainstreaming DRR into development policies, plans and programmes; (viii) measuring DRR achievements against HFA priorities and documenting; (ix) lessons learned ; (x) DRR and climate change adaptation; (xi) main characteristics of a national platform; and (xii) maintaining and sustaining a national platform.

This kit was developed for African countries by UNISDR Regional Office for Africa, based on information provided by national DRR focal points in Africa, with the kind support of the Federal Republic of Germany.
85 p.

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Capacity Development, Civil Society/NGOs, Climate Change, Information Management, Risk Identification & Assessment, Governance, Disaster Risk Management

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