Disaster reduction in the Americas: ISDR informs, issue 16, 2009

This issue includes:

Editorial -

Voices & Ideas:
- Chosica: Prevention Bears Fruit
- Crisis or Mitigation?: The role of relationships between institutions and communities in disaster recovery assistance
- Contingency plans for coping with disasters: A need that cannot be postponed
- Agents of Change: The Role of Children and Youth in Disaster
- The submerged economy of risk: the case of the Dominican Republic
- Not everything is climate change’s fault!

Disasters in the Region:
- Hurricane season 2009 in the Caribbean

ISDR Global:
- World Disaster Reduction Campaign 2008-2009
- Reducing disasters and avoiding economic and environmental losses: A priority in the Americas
- Interview with Mr. Sálvano Briceño, UNISDR Director

Partners in Action:
- GRIDEH: The Experience of the Risk Management Network in Huancavelica
- Central America and Cuba United in Risk Management
- RESIS II - Earthquake risk reduction in Central America; A first overview
- “CUIDÁ” environmental committees for comprehensive risk management in the Aburrá Valley
- Socioeconomic Assessment of Disasters in Mexico: A tool for risk management
- Integrated risk management for volcanic hazards: “Galeras process” resettlement strategy
- Request for papers on urban risk: Very encouraging findings emerge from the growing interest in this subject in the region
- Fifth Anniversary of CIR-UDEFA, in Punto Fijo, Venezuela
- El Salvador creates a National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction
- Information Management for Strategic Disaster Risk Management in the Republic of Cuba
- The Central American Probabilistic Risk Assessment (CAPRA) initiative
- Earthquake Damage Prevention in Adobe Dwellings
- Management of disasters caused by meteorological events and climate change in the Peruvian Andes: MAREMEX Mantaro project
- The PREDECAN Project: Supporting Disaster Prevention In The Andean Community
- Project for Early Recovery through Improved Techniques in Small Animal Production omas Fuller
- Winds of Change in the Modernization and Development of Civil Protection in Chile
- Local governments and their contributions to the Hyogo Framework for Action: Lessons learned from the Telica River Commonwealth, Nicaragua
- FUNDACRID and UNICEF signed a cooperation agreement to develop an online portal specializing in education and risk management
- A New Participatory Educational Model For Community-Based Training On Disaster Risk Management
- Academic Offerings Directly Related to Disaster Risk Reduction at Institutions of Higher Education in Spanish-Speaking Countries of Latin America
- Informative Bulletin
- A regional workshop in Lima establishes ten priorities for disaster risk reduction in the education sector
- Sixth DIPECHO Action Plan for South America
- Riskland At The Santo Domingo International Book Fair

Products & more...
- Disaster information management: 20 Years later, and we have barely begun

112 p.


Capacity Development, Civil Society/NGOs, Climate Change, Community-based DRR, Education & School Safety, Environment, Information Management, Recovery, Risk Identification & Assessment, Urban Risk & Planning, Economics of DRR, Disaster Risk Management, Social Impacts & Resilience
Cyclone, Earthquake, Volcano
Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivarian Rep of

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