Pacific psychosocial forum

Meeting or Conference
Mandala Foundation
23-25 May 2012
Solomon Islands (Honiara)
Maranatha Hall


The Pacific Psychosocial Forum is a bi-annual event facilitated by the Mandala Foundation that aims to advocate for and enhance psychosocial awareness and systems of staff care and community support throughout the Pacific region. In 2012, the 3-day forum will be held in the Solomon Islands and will focus on the theme of ‘Enabling Resilience in a Crisis’.

The Foundation is working closely with a local planning committee to ensure that the program’s topics, content, format and facilitation of the Forum addresses local and regional priorities in the Pacific.

The Forum program is arranged in three main streams, addressing country, workplace and community levels. Day 1 will raise awareness of the psychosocial impact and nature of crisis issues that affect the Pacific community through role plays and storytelling; Day 2 will explore principles, policies and practices for enabling resilience and strengthening crisis management practices within organisations and Day 3 will focus on connecting people so that community and psychosocial resources and networks can be maximised and mobilised in response to a crisis.

Program features include

• Local, regional and international speakers
• Choice of program streams – country, organisation and community
• Local, regional and organisational networking opportunities
• Seminars, small workshops and case study discussion

Key topics to be covered in the Forum include

• Psychosocial principles that support resilience and recovery from crises
• Organisational policies and practices that enable resilient responses to crises
• Strengths and gaps in community responses during crises
• Effective community responses to crises in the Pacific

Additional information

Target audience

The Forum is open to all persons with an interest in psychosocial support and/or managing humanitarian crises and is particularly relevant to local, expatriate and Headquarters-based staff and managers of NGOs operating in the Pacific region.

How to register

Register online


• 3 Days - Pacific National Rate: SBD $1000 / International Rate: AUD $200
• 1 Day - Pacific National Rate: SBD $350 / International Rate: AUD $80


Civil Society/NGOs, Community-based DRR, Media, Social Impacts & Resilience

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